My birth story…


It was Sunday (10th Jan) lunch time when I started to feel mild contraction like pains beginning. To start with, I ignored these and just thought they were your common pregnancy twinge/pain. I told myself – “He isn’t due for another 2 weeks yet!!” So off I went and carried on with my day by going for lunch to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and visiting my Mum.

It wasn’t until I got home that evening that I really did start to think maybe this is the start of something!! Weirdly enough, I was super calm and actually really excited!! I checked over the hospital bags (for the 10000 time) and got myself into bed for an early night. – After all, if this is the start of something I will need all the energy I could get!!

5am Monday 11th Jan – My partner got up for work. (I had been awake on and off all night with these – what I was calling ‘period pains’). “Go to work” I told him. I figured even if these were contractions they can go on all day there is no point him taking the day off! (Yup, I was seriously delusional!). Come 10am these ‘period pains’ were getting stronger and more regular, by this point I admitted to myself they are in fact real contractions!! Luckily, I had read baths, bouncing on the birthing ball and walking can help try to ease the pain. So I did all 3. – That’s right, looking back now I’m not quite sure how and why I thought taking the dog for a walk was a good idea!! It wasn’t until i got home from that walk crouched over that I thought I had better call my partner home now. But first, I must put a bit of make up on and straighten my hair! (Again, why I felt that was important I do not know!! I think trying to act like nothing was going on was my way of coping). Anyway, mid very important hair straightening my waters broke! – All over my nice cream carpet can I add!! On the phone I was to my partner, my mum (my 2nd birthing partner) and the hospital who told me to come in right away.

3.15pm – My partner and I arrived at the hospital. Strangely, I was still very calm (not what I expected) and just really excited to experience this whole childbirth thing! I was physically and emotionally prepared and ready to earn my way into motherhood and to meet our little boy I had already fallen in love with! 15 minutes into arriving at the hospital I was examined and told I am 4cm dilated and confirmed my waters had broken – happy days! I thought….

Then it began, something neither of us were physically or emotionally prepared for in the slightest! “Could you just push that red button behind you please” the midwife said to my partner. From then onwards everything was so fast paced and such a blur! I was rushed down into theatre having a c-section before I knew it. Something that never even crossed my mind about researching or preparing for!!

We arrived at the hospital at 3.15pm and our beautiful little Spencer was born at 4.15pm – just one hour after arriving at the hospital! Weighing a teeny 5lb 4.
Turns out, Spencer wanted to make an entrance – foot first! All I remember hearing the midwife say was “Nop, that isn’t a head I’m seeing that’s a foot!”. What a rush it was from then onwards.

Thankfully, Spencer decided he was ready to enter the world 2 weeks early as my placenta had rotted – the cause of Spencer’s teeny tiny weight! Thankfully, the team at the hospital acted so fast and delivered our little boy safely!!

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I was extremely disappointed my birthing story turned out this way and not the all natural way I had hoped, but, the main thing is our little boy is here safe and well. On the plus side, I guess I got to experience both ends of the spectrum!…Contracting, my waters breaking and reaching 4cm dilated but then the other end of the spectrum and going through a C-Section!
… Please read my “That’s not a head, that’s a foot!” blog for more details on that unexpected caesarean.

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