Our 12 hour day shift…

Thanks everyone for reading our 12 hour night shift blog!! Below is a follow on blog with our 12 hour day shift! Sorry for the delay!! Enjoy!…

8.15 – I put Spencer in his swing chair while I quickly wash and sterilise bottles for the day, make up a bottle and give Archie some breakfast. 

8.30 – 15mins in and Spencer is now screaming (he hates being put down!) he is also acting like he’s starved!!.. So I feed him the bottle Iv just made up. (His last feed was at 6.30 so no he wasn’t starved!)

8.30-9.45 – Spencer has been fed, washed and dressed for the day. We had a nice little sing song (OK, I was singing to him!) while doing these things. Spencer also sat in his swing chair for 25 mins alone and let me brush my teeth, shower and get dressed for the day!! (Those who know Spencer know this is a rare occasion when I can actually put him down and him not scream!!)

9.45-10 – Someone tell me what these baby wraps are all about!!! I ordered a baby wrap/carrier, well, what was delivered I did not expect!!… It is just one long piece of fabric with no instructions!!!! I just wasted 15 mins of my day watching YouTube trying to figure it out!!… Again! Finally, I worked it out and Spencer hated it!! 


10-12 – Spencer has been so unsettled, crying mostly! I have tried some playtime on his gym mat, tummy time, cuddles, rocking to sleep (he didn’t sleep). I resorted to giving him another bottle which he scoffed down at 11am.

12 -12.30 – I took Spencer and Archie for a walk. Of course, suddenly Spencer can fall fast asleep!! He slept the entire walk but woke up the SECOND we got home!! – how do they know!!?

1.15 – Finally Spencer has fallen asleep in his chair (after 45 mins trying to soothe him)…. But the sleep only lasted half an hour!!!

2pm – Already it’s bottle, wind and nappy time again!!

2.45 – Spencer’s gone back to sleep (on my lap) he needs the sleep so looks like I will have to just sit here and relax until he’s ready to wake up!!

4.15 – And he’s awake! Not too bad going. Definitely a nappy change needed!! You could smell it a mile off!! 

6.30 – Spencer has gone back to sleep again after an hour of crying, another bottle and then an hour playing on his mat and tummy time.

7.30 – Spencer wakes ready for his bedtime routine. 

Total hours sleep: 3 hours

Total bottles: 4

Total nappies: 5

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