My new found pet hates…

Since having Spencer I have suddenly noticed certain things I had never blinked an eyelid at before. Even some of these I had done myself up until now! Below, I have compiled a list of all my new pet hates post baby! 

1. Parent & child parking spaces – Firstly, the amount of places that do not have ANY at all!! Secondly, places that do, but other non parents decide to park in them!! I have struggled numerous times already to get Spencer’s car seat out as the normal spaces are too close together! On one occasion I actually had to pull out into the car park in order to fit Spencer’s car seat back in the car!!! Not only is it difficult to get Spencer in and out the car. I have also got the pram out the boot and put it together then to realise (maybe this is just my blonde self!!) that I am not going to fit it between the cars so had to fold it down and re-assemble in the road. – Maybe this issue can be prevented by not reversing into your space but still!! PEOPLE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE CHILD WITH YOU PARK IN A NORMAL SPACE & SHOPPING CENTRES PLEASE GET PARENT & BABY SPACES!!!!

2. While on the subject of parking: Parking on the path! I cannot tell you how many times while out on our daily dog walk I have to cross the road because someone (usually a van of some sort!) is parked so far into the path I cannot physically fit the pram through! – This one I can’t moan too much about, I am sure I have done this before!

3. While talking about taking up the path: Random signs just in the middle of the path! I know, you can just move these over but it is just another pain in the way!! In fact, I actually took a photo of what I mean on our walk today..(the first sign I could squeeze through, the second no chance!)

4. Doors!! – Again, this is just me being my blonde self! But, I suddenly really dislike any doors that you have to pull open rather than push!! The pram just gets in the way and it makes things more difficult!

5. Shops without lifts! How annoying is it when you want to go and look at something upstairs in a shop but there’s like a million stairs and no lift!! Sorry shops, you just lost a sale from me!!

6. Restaurants/coffee shops so tightly laid out! I actually struggled to find somewhere in a town nearby recently to have lunch with a friend. Every place we walked into was just so cramped together I could not physically get the pram past the front door!! 

7. Petrol stations lack of pay at pumps! Is it just me, or have pay at pumps become non-existent!? Gone are the days you can just quickly go buy petrol – sorry, Hop if you’re reading this, I mean diesel now!! šŸ˜‰ 

8. PEOPLE!! I have found myself politely saying “excuse me” soo many times to people that can CLEARLY see me trying to squeeze past them. I have even had people look at me after I have asked and then turn around and carry on talking without moving!! – Nicole, I hope you don’t mind me saying, but.. My sister (Nicole) has actually purposely ran someone’s foot over before for this exact reason!! šŸ™ˆ
Anyway, now I am just having a rant and being a grumpy sleep deprived mum!! I would love to hear if anyone else gained some new pet hates post baby too!!

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