The race is on…


The race is on!! Once a day, always around 8/9am Spencer will happily go back to sleep for around 45mins on his own in his swing chair!! We usually get up around 6am where Spencer is wide awake and very happy and smiley for a good hour before getting sleepy again… YES!!!! I secretly think. Time to run around like a headless chicken!!

I am sure most Mum’s especially new Mum’s can relate to this race. Of course, there’s always so much more to do than you can fit into this 45mins so prioritising has become my new best skill!!

Firstly, I run in the shower and get washed and dressed for the day (something that pre baby would take that entire 45mins! – not anymore!!). Secondly, it is time for my belly!! I love my food and even more my coffee now!! So breakfast (mine and the dogs) is next! Most of the time, by now Spencer has woken up and I freak out that there is still 10000 things left on my list of things to do!! – I’m not sure how long I think 45mins is!!

While eating breakfast I do try to squeeze something else in at the same time. Play with the dog who is craving some attention, catch up on that all important social media/whatsapp groups/texts, catch up on a tv programme I use to have time to watch in the evening at normal time!! – Just anything that is relaxing, as all I actually want to do is sleep!!! 

If I am lucky enough (HA!) and Spencer is still asleep after breakfast I usually do some kind of housework chore. Washing – I cannot believe how much washing a tiny baby can make! Unloading/reloading the dishwasher, general tidying. All things that pre-baby I would have done as I went along!!

In the meantime, every 15 mins I have to sneak into the nursery where Spencer is and tip-toe over to the chair to restart it!! The swinging motion stops after 15 mins and if that movement stops, let the screaming begin!!! Why Spencer will only sleep in this chair in the morning is beyond me!! No matter how tired he is at any other point in the day he will not sleep unless on my lap (20 mins max!) or in his pram on our daily hour walk!

PHEW!!… I have had a few convos with Mums recently about their same morning race while baby is asleep so thought I would share mine.

The moral of the story, everything else can wait!! The house will be fine a little messier than normal, you can leave the house without make-up on!, the washing can wait (until you really have run out of clothes!). As time goes on I am starting to relax a little more and not LITERALLY run around trying to get everything done in one hit!

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