Pre and Post baby changes…

I’m sure I have mentioned in a previous blog how what I had expected from maternity leave isn’t quite the reality. How I was expecting this beautiful, non crying, easy baby (he is beautiful, but he definitely knows how to cry and easy is far from it!), how I would be this domesticated housewife (well, girlfriend) who cooked delicious home cooked meals with fresh veg from my lovely vegetable garden (I don’t have a vegetable garden FYI, this is just my fantasy world), how I would be doing lots of baking in my Cath Kidston apron while cuddling my lovely, settled, content baby! – How far from the truth this is!! 

So, with this in mind, I decided to put together a list of other things I had maybe expected where the reality is oh so different or things I may have previously seen as the norm that I thought would just carry on but they no longer exist! Before I go ahead, I would just like to point out one thing. Yes, this does just sound like one big moan/rant and it probably is! BUT! I also absolutely love my new life and couldn’t think of anything else I would want more than my Spencer just the way he is!! This is purely just me giving a REAL non sugar coated perspective of life with a newborn! 

Firstly, I have to start with my nails!! To some people this is no biggie but for me this is huge! Pre Spencer I was that girly girl who always had nicely manicured fresh looking nails (it was just my thing!) NOW I am lucky if there is any nail varnish at all left on my nails. Where is the time for that!! This has moved to the end of my already never ending list of things to do! In fact, I will brave it and show you a current pic of the state of my nails! – I won’t offend you with my also neglected non pedicured feet!!!

While on the subject of to do lists. I always had one ready for the weekend. This usually consisted of the normal food shopping, housework, washing, catching up on tv (WHAT A LUXURY!) and seeing friends/family. NOW, I probably couldn’t fit my current to do list in one blog! It is never ending!! The poor house has been so neglected, the wash basket is overflowing and I can forget all about tv!! As for friends and family – luckily I have amazing friends and an amazing family who make seeing them as easy as possible for me!!

Friends – A touchy subject! It’s true what they say, you really do notice your true friends more post baby. Of course, you have a new baby and therefore leaving the house alone is just one big struggle now!! Having time to text in-between feeds, nappy changes, crying baby is difficult! That being said, I still obviously go out and catch up with friends I also still try my hardest to chat to them when I can! But I am lucky to have a handful of awesome girlies who have gone above and beyond to come out of their way more to make seeing them easier who have had patience and if I didn’t reply yesterday they will still text me the next day to see how I am. This I am FOREVER grateful for and extremely lucky!! I promise now Spencer is becoming more settled I will start being old Lau again and making visits/communication more frequent again guys!!

Skin care routine – Pre Spencer I would cleanse, tone and moisturise my face every morning and night. Followed by the odd face mask a couple of times a week. – This is just the norm right!? Not anymore!! This is horrendous but I honestly have been known to quickly wipe over my face with one of Spencer’s baby wipes during the pre bed nappy change!! That is the extent of my skin care routine now!! 

Teeth – Don’t worry I haven’t let myself go that low just yet that I no longer brush my teeth!! The mornings are fine as usual no problem. The evening however, usually Spencer is asleep in my room (after hours of settling him!) and my toothbrush is in the en-suite.. DISASTER!! No longer can I just at my own leisure go up and get ready for bed how I like. Nop, I have to really slowly and carefully open the door sneak my toothbrush out and brush my teeth in the other bathroom!! – Ninja style!! Although this isn’t really an issue, it is still a change from the “norm”.

Showering – Again, don’t worry I am not about to tell you I no longer shower!! I do however just do the “essential” now. I usually have 10 minutes every morning to shower (10 minutes as if you have read my previous blog that’s all I have before having to re set the swinging chair Spencer is in!). So, no more exfoliating, face masking, hair masking, general chilling and just waking up! It’s a quick dash to wash and condition my hair, wash my body, splash some water on my face and out!!

Dinner – I have now resorted to finding dinners that take the minimum time to prepare! I also haven’t ate dinner with my partner since I can remember! As you Mum’s may have experienced. From 4pm until bath and bedtime is Spencer’s ‘witching’ hour. This basically means scream and cry and be as unsettled as possible and therefore means one of us has to at least try and calm him down! I cook dinner and we have to decide who is going to eat and who is going to have a re-heated dinner!! Yes, I could just wait until Spencer is in bed BUT there is no guarantee he settles and I could still be trying to get him to sleep at 10pm!!

Sleep – Literally, enough said. I don’t know what this is anymore!!

Tea – Never underestimate a good cuppa!! I took for granted how easy it was to just switch the kettle on and sit down with some tea and biscuits!! I will still try to make a cuppa, and sometimes I will also get the chance to drink it too! Sometimes I will be quickly downing a cold cuppa as the nappy change or Spencer’s feed took longer than planned! 

Clothes – Oh how I miss my choice of clothes! Something I use to hate before Spencer the dilemma of what to where each day! Now however, it is a case of which trackies, onesie or leggings can I squeeze into today!! – Something I am currently working on!!

I think this is where I should stop. This list is something I could just carry on and on and on. Although these are all things I took for granted before Spencer and things I do miss. I also have lots of new exciting things in my life too!! – A whole new blog post to look out for!! Plus, all the above are temporary and each day Spencer becomes more settled the easier these things will become again. 

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