Well done Nicole!…

Today was the grand opening of my sister’s dog grooming salon ‘Paws of Perfection’ and what a grand opening it was!! Paws of Perfection has become so extremely successful so quickly and in just 3 years Nicole has taken the business from working in an outbuilding at home to having her very own shop! I could not be a prouder sister! Well done Nicole!!!!

Not only was today amazing for Nicole,  but I have to say, it was really good for me too! Nicole asked for my help with today weeks ago giving me time to arrange childcare with Spencer. We knew the shop isn’t the biggest in the world and with all Nicole’s lovely customers replying to invites it was going to be busy! Therefore, I had arranged for Spencer to go to his Grandparent’s for the duration of the event. 

All you Mummy’s with babies know how lovely this little ‘break’ can be. Of course, we miss them the second they leave our side that is inevitable, but at the same time everyone needs a little break every so often!! I am extremely lucky to have both sides of the family more than happy to help out and take Spencer for a few hours every so often so I can *have a break* – By this I mean catch up on housework, washing, food shopping etc. Today however, was different to any other limited time I get Spencer free. Usually my Spencer free time is spent at home doing all the above mentioned chores. 

Now I have to confess before I go on. Whenever I heard the term ‘Full time Mum’ I would occasionally think ‘Really!?’ – how very stupid, judgmental and naive of me!! Being in that full time Mum category now I can honestly say is the HARDEST, most challenging and tiring job out there and I salute any ‘Full time Mum!’

So back to today, Nicole had asked me to be on reception for the event. This involved greeting customers, inputting their info into the new database, booking any dogs into the calender and taking any sales from stock she made. – Basically,  she made the most out of me!! 😉 . Since being a ‘Full time Mum’ for the last 3 months I really have had days where I wished to go back to work sooner!! Today gave me a nice ease into what it felt like to be working again. I really enjoyed interacting with people who speak English and not baby coo!!! People who do not need bottles every 2 hours – Although there was a fair few bottles of Prosecco going around!! So thank you Nicole for giving me the chance to have a day to be a little free again and refresh me on how it feels to ‘work’ again!! 

After my 4 hour shift at the shop I was due to collect Spencer from his Grandparent’s. However, I had remembered that this morning I left the house in such a rush (Because being out the house before 9.30am with a baby is near on impossible!) I hadn’t washed and sterilised bottles, I had no food in the house as I haven’t had time to do the food shopping – and I online food shop! So, I was cheeky and asked if Spencer’s Grandparent’s wouldn’t mind a little longer while I did these things. – Of course they didn’t! – Thank you!!! 

The moral of the story…It’s ok to enjoy some time away from baby and not feel guilty about it!! In fact, I think it is healthy not just for Mum but for baby too! Thank you Nicole for giving me today to ‘work’ and feel like I am doing something other than just ‘being Mum’. Again, all you full time Mum’s out there, I salute you! It really is one of the hardest jobs in the world! All you working Mum’s out there, I salute you too!! I imagine it to be equally as difficult to leave baby to go to work!! – What a catch 22!!!

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