Our day in pictures…

Firstly I have to start by thanking everyone who read my 12 hour day shift & 12 hour night shift blogs. I have decided to do an updated version of this but this time in pictures. My plan was to upload this blog last night while Spencer was in bed. The past 2 weeks Spencer has gone to bed at 8pm and stayed there until waking up at 11pm – bliss!! However, As you know, you just can’t plan things with babies!!! Spencer stayed awake and unsettled until midnight last night!! So here goes…

5.30am – Spencer woke up. I wasn’t quite ready to wake up just yet so after lots of trying to get him back to sleep, I gave up and let him in bed with me for another hour (he went back to sleep!) 

6.45am – Spencer is awake. This time I get up to feed, wash and dress Spencer for the day and have a 15 min play/chat.

8am – Spencer goes to sleep in his swinging chair giving me time to shower, wash and sterilise bottles, have breakfast and get ready for the day.

All the above I do not have pictures for as originally stated. This is simply because it was just too early! 

9am – We’re both up and ready for the day. As you can see Spencer woke from his nap all grumpy!! 


9.30 – After a bottle it is time for some tummy time and play time (supported by Archie)

10:15 – Were ready for our morning walk!! 

10:30 – And were out!!  Thank god I remembered the rain cover! Although juggling a dog who is barking at another dog while struggling with the rain cover in the rain is not fun!!

Yup! My dog really is this stupid!!

11.30 – We had a lovely walk! Now some more playtime and smiles!!

12.30 – Lunch must be something you do not need to prepare and can eat one handed!!


12:45 – Spencer is getting ratty and tired. Nap time!! Usually this 45 mins I do housework etc but today I decided to nap with him!! After just 20 mins in his own bed Spencer woke and would not settle so he got into bed with me!! (And the dog!)
2.30pm – Mummy’s first cuppa of the day!! (Of course, by the time I got round to drinking it, it was cold!)


2.45pm –  Lots of smiles and playing!
3.15pm – Mummy can have half hour to quickly unload and reload the dishwasher and sort the washing out while I am good and sitting in my chair.


4pm – I am acting tired so Mummy put me in my Moses basket to nap but instead I was cheeky and gave her cheeky smiles!!

4.15pm – I ended up going upstairs to bed for half hour before waking!

5.15pm – From around 5pm until bath time (half 7) Spencer has his ‘witching hours’ all I can do is walk around the house trying to calm him down. He also has this new thing of pulling my hair!!

5.45pm – Daddy feeds and changes Spencer while I cook dinner. Usually, we have to eat in shifts but this evening Spencer actually stayed in his chair and watched us. 

7.30pm – Bath time!! Spencer has a bath, massage, bottle and story before being put into his bed and off to sleep.


8.30pm – Andddd chill….


Usually from this time Spencer stays asleep until around 11 when he wakes for a feed and goes back to sleep again. Tonight however, he woke at 9 and did not settle down until midnight!!… What was different tonight to any other I do not know!  


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