What a week!…


So this week my teeny tiny beautiful newborn baby turned 3 months!! WHAT!!?! Officially no longer a newborn and weighing 10lb 7 now (still tiny for 3 months) I can’t believe where the time has gone! I think he will always be my teeny tiny newborn in my eyes, even 18years down the line- sorry Spencer!!

The milestones we have reached in a week are crazy!! Spencer really has just grown in leaps and bounds the past week!! We had our first laugh, what an amazing cutest sound Iv ever heard!! I honestly wanted to cry happy tears (but kept myself together) He is very responsively smiling now! I can leave him to lay happily on his play gym alone for a good half hour and he will really stare at the toys now and even try to touch them! Sleeping has got a lot better. I even had one night in the week where Spencer slept for 6 hours straight!! He is starting to really notice his brother Archie (the dog) even grabbing his tail for the first time! – Sorry Arch! I remember being told “Just get to the 3/4 month mark and you will see huge differences” it really is remarkable the milestones we have reached in just a week! However, not all good! We also seem to have the first stages of teething ALREADY! Spencer woke up with rashy cheeks and at first I thought he had a bit of eczema appearing. Later that day I noticed Spencer was constantly sucking his hands. He is starting to get into the thumb sucking habit but this was just constant whole hands in his mouth and dribbling! Then the crying started.. From around 12.30pm until 8.30pm he was the most unsettled little baby he has been in a long time!! Poor boy!! Bad Mummy had no teething toys/granules as I was not expecting the teething to start so early on.. Calpol it is!! To top it off he also has his second lot of injections in the morning!! What a fun day tomorrow is going to be (I will let you know!)

Also this week, Spencer had his hip check. He was referred to this due to being breech and in such an awkward position while in my big pregnant belly!! All was well with the appointment. Well, I say with the appointment… With Spencer’s hips anyway. The doctor we saw on the other hand is a different story! I was asked if Spencer does tummy time. I replied he does, but recently he is hating it which is weird as he use to love being on his front. So although we have a little tummy time he screams when he does! Any tips? The doctors reply was “No, you are in control not a 3 month old baby” … What a brave response to say to a sleep deprived Mummy!!! Easier said than done! Clearly she has no children!! – Don’t you just hate some peoples opinions/advice when it comes to kids!!? 

So, minus the rude doctor and the teething we are starting to see happening…it has been an amazing week with Spencer! The milestones reached in a week are crazy! I cannot wait to see what new exciting trick he has up his sleeve to show off next!!! 

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