‘Never work with kids or animals’…

…. Is usually the saying you hear isn’t it!? Well, after today, I wouldn’t rule it out completely! 

Today, we had a 3 hour photoshoot in our home with both Spencer and Archie (the dog) and it went perfectly! – Almost!

Originally I had this photoshoot planned for when Spencer was around 6/7 weeks. But, if you have read my previous blogs you will know he wasn’t the most settled baby in the world at that time! Therefore, I had to re-schedule for when he was more settled (at least so I could put him down for 2mins without screaming the house down!). In fact, I am glad I did postpone. We would never have got half the shots with did today with his big cheeky grin and holding his head up alone!!

The shoot was booked for 10am – Usually Spencer’s happiest time of the day! Prior to that, Spencer was perfect and allowed me to get myself looking half decent for the shoot as well as him. Archie had his nice groom ready for it yesterday too! (Thank you Nicole!). 

So it began.. We started off in the nursery. I won’t bore you with all the details but we were off to a good start! Spencer usually LOVES his changing unit weirdly enough (I think he secretly gets some pleasure out of having me change gross nappies!). So we thought lets get some of him lying on there where he usually smiles away! – We had zero smiles! There were also no tears just a very serious face!! Next we moved on to some of the both of us in the nursery. Again, no smiles (from Spencer) but also no tears! – Not too bad going! We then tried to include Archie into some of these ones too!

Costume and scenery change next! We moved down to the living room and got some lovely pics of the 3 of us but again, no smiles!! – Typical when all morning I was getting such lovely smiles!! Spencer started to get a little grumpy so we stopped for a milk break. Now normally he very rarely sleeps in the day and especially not this early… He fell asleep during his feed!! This gave us a perfect opportunity so it wasn’t bad at all! We got to get the micro lense out and get some close ups of his beautiful long eyelashes, hands, feet.. All the things in a few years time I am sure I would have forgotten just how small they were! 

Spencer only had a power nap and woke up 20 minutes later a very happy smiley baby! Yay!! Scenery change again, this time into my room! We got some lovely playful shoots here and lots of smiles and coo’ing!! Archie also got involved in some of these ones!

Lastly, we had one last costume change and this time due to the lovely weather (Our 1 day of Summer!) we took some outside. These were amazing shots and also quite fun ones – Spencer was dressed in a Superman outfit! (Dad’s doing!).

After the few outdoor pics the shoot was over. I think it is fair to say all 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed the morning!! The time flew by! After 3 hours with baby and dog, a morning of what I thought would be fairly chaotic turned into a lovely enjoyable one!! Now the wait begins to  see the results!…

I will share some pics from the morning once I have receieved them 🙂 I must thank my sister Nicole for buying us this amazing gift and also Dottie the photographer I couldn’t recommend enough!

….. A tiring morning being a model!


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