Routine?..What routine!?…

It is true what they say… Just as you get into any kind of routine with a baby and you’re doing your celebratory dance and popping open the bubbles, prepare for it to all go downhill fairly quickly again!! – Sorry to be Debbie downer but I did promise REAL blogs no fake sugar coated rainbows and fairies having a baby is the easiest job in the world rubbish!

So as you can probably already tell, I am on the downwards slope after being on top of the world for a week! 

Why!? Well, Spencer had done amazing for a whole week with sleeping. It’s incredible how much better sleep just makes everything so much nicer and easier. Not only for me, but since sleeping so well, Spencer has been such a happy content baby!! We have had the same bedtime routine since around 3 weeks old. Bath, massage, story, bottle and bed at around 7.30/8pm. This has been a rollercoaster with Spencer mostly sleeping in bed with me. Recently however, since having the sleepyhead pillow (highly recommended) Spencer has been sleeping in his own bed next to my bed happily. Not only has he been happily sleeping in there, he has also been sleeping for longer stretches! For the past week/10 days Spencer has firstly slept in his own bed all night (the one thing I have been wishing for!) but secondly, for longer stretches. In fact, it has been a routine of sleep for 8pm and not waking for a bottle until 2am, going straight back to sleep until 6am and then he comes into bed with me for morning cuddles and back to sleep until 8am – PERFECT!! This is exactly what I could have wished for and more! I never wanted the unrealistic thing of sleeping through the night, I just wanted him in his own bed and sleeping for longer than an hour at a time and I got it! Woohoo!!!!……

Now the celebrations have ended. For no apparent reason whatsoever Spencer decided 3 nights ago he didn’t want to fall asleep in his bed like before. Nothing has changed at all except Spencer has spoken! (Not literally, he’s not that advanced!). I did the normal bedtime routine like we’ve always done but this time, everytime I put him down, the screaming began. I had no idea why this was suddenly happening! The first night, I had the energy to keep fighting and sticking with it. Picking him up to calm him down, putting him back down, picking him up, putting him down… This went on basically all night! The second night, I was praying last night was just a moment and tonight we would go back to normal… No! The same thing again. The difference is, due to no sleep the night before it was just easier to give up and put Spencer in with me to get some sleep. Although he went to sleep it still wasn’t for as long stretches as we were having before. I know what some people might be thinking, actually I even had a nurse say it to me! “Why are you letting a 3 month old baby control you, you control him” – easier said than done!! Now we are on the third night, again the same thing. Spencer wouldn’t let me put him down. For 2 hours now I have been picking him up, walking around to calm him and putting him back down again. The longest he slept for so far is 25 mins!!! In true Mummy desperation style, I have turned to Netmums to read other people’s suffering and going through the same thing to make me feel better!! I have just found out there is actually a thing called “The four month sleep regression” I am going to read all about this now!!

The moral of the story, enjoy your little routines to the full potential when they are happening. They probably won’t last long!! Although this may sound all doom and gloom, just because that one ‘routine’ hasn’t worked out as long as you hoped, guaranteed another ‘routine’ or amazing milestone is just around the corner!  

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