So in love…

How is it possible to love something so little so so much!!? Is a question I am always asking myself! 

How can you be so in love with a tiny human being who can barely communicate with you? – just by crying. A tiny human being who has made you so sleep deprived? A tiny human being who takes your 24/7 attention and energy! The one who is to blame for the baggy clothed non fashionable wardrobe! A tiny human being who has nearly demolished your social life… I could go on with all the changes/challenges that come with having a baby.

But the answer….

Because you were carrying that tiny little baby for 9 months before you have even met him/her. By the time they are born into this world you already love them, you’ve already bonded! Yes, they may communicate by crying, but they also communicate with big gummy grins and laughs! The sight/sound that melts your heart every single time! Yes, you may be sleep deprived but in years to come you will probably wish they would wake up for cuddles in the night – make the most of it! Of course they take your 24/7 attention and energy but those hours are hours well spent! I literally could spend all day every day just watching Spencer and wondering what’s going on in that little cute head of his! There isn’t anything I would rather be doing than spending these precious days with my beautiful son watching him grow! As for the wardrobe part I mentioned – who cares!!!! And the social life… Obviously your life doesn’t go on hold when you have a baby. I still have a lovely social life but just one which has slightly changed – for the better. I have a great balance of a baby free night every so often but also I can now spend my days doing things with friends I have never done before! Taking the kids places and building new memories and I love it! 

I know a lot of the time my blogs come across a bit grumpy and moany but they are simply just my real life as it is with baby Spencer – no sugar coating. Words will never express my unconditional crazy amounts of love I have for him and every day we spend together. I adore every teeny tiny little bone in his body and I love the person he has made me become! 

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