Our new 12 hour day shift…

Following on from last nights 12 hour night shift, As promised, I have now carried this on with our 12 hour day shift today…

6.30am – Spencer wakes up.. Full of smiles & giggles!! He is such a morning person!! He has a bottle then I take him into the nursery to get him all washed and dressed. He then sits in his swinging chair while I get washed & dressed and have some breakfast. We then have a little playtime in the nursery.

9am – 9.40am – Spencer has a little 40 min nap then wakes up very grumpy!

9.45am – Were out for our morning walk! Stupidly (this isn’t Spencer related) I wore new shoes!! Duh!! So had to cut it very short as my poor feet were ripped to shreds!! See pic!….

10.15am – 10.45am – Spencer has a bottle & nappy change.

10.45am – Spencer plays in his new bouncer which he loves! So I could leave him for 10 mins to tidy up and put some washing on!! Then he got bored so moved to his play gym. Then due to the lovely weather I put his Moses basket in the garden and gave him some toys in there while I cut the grass.

12.15pm – Spencer is tired and grumpy now. After half hour of putting him down, picking him up, putting him down, picking him up…. He’s finally asleep!

12.20pm – Oh wait! He decided to sleep for 5 minutes!! 

12.30pm – Spencer sat on my lap (now he’s in a grump) while I ate my lunch. Then I gave him a bottle & nappy change.

2.20pm – Finally! 2 hours later, Spencer is asleep.

2.50pm – This nap lasted half an hour!! In this time I hang the washing out and cleaned the kitchen window – my plan was to clean all the windows!!

3pm – Spencer is asleep again but on my lap!!! I am sitting on the laptop while he sleeps on my lap. I am downloading our photoshoot images!!!! (I will share some in the next blog)

3.30pm – Spencer has woken up!! He is very grumpy!

4.15pm – After 45mins of crying I give Spencer a bottle and a nappy change. This cheers him up!!

5.30pm – Spencer happily plays on his play gym while I cook and eat dinner.

6pm – We have half hour playtime together before bath time.

6.30pm – Bath time!!! Roll on a glass of wine in around an hours time!!!! 

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