Our new 12 hour night shift…

So here is another 12 hour night shift blog. For those who saw, I did this when Spencer was 8 weeks old (he is now 16) and he wasn’t really sleeping at that point! Although this still isn’t perfect, I am hoping it will help people see there is light at the end of the tunnel!!! As I have said a thousand times before, my blogs are REAL none of that “my baby slept through the night from day 1” rubbish! – Don’t you hate those people!? 

As you will remember from the 8 week one, we invested in pretty much everything and anything we could get our hands on to try and make bedtime that little bit easier. I realise now, maybe Spencer was just too young. Ewan the sheep actually does work and muslin clothes do have more purpose than just clearing up sick!! (Spencer loves sleeping with one)

Before I share our 12 hours I must also point out Spencer slept in his own bed for MOSTLY all of this (I will point out when he creeped into mine!). Just so you are aware, he sleeps in a sleepyhead pod in a next to me crib beside my bed. 

So here goes….

6.30pm – It is Spencer’s bedtime routine time! This routine consists of a bath, massage, story & a bottle. I have made this earlier than it once was (8pm). I thought maybe he is just overtired by the time he gets to bed and it seemed to have worked!

7pm – Spencer is already asleep! He was so tired from not really having any sleep in the day! Usually he won’t be asleep until around half 7. He fell asleep after drinking just 1oz of his milk. To get him to sleep in his own bed I have to put him down when he is very tired and carry on feeding him while lying down. (Probably not technically the right thing to do but it works!) 

10pm – I sneak into bed trying so hard not to wake Spencer. I always debate a dream feed at this time but then I am too frightened to risk waking him!! I am so happy when he finally gets to sleep alone now I won’t do anything that may disturb him! So much so, from this 7-10pm time I sat downstairs watching tv with my partner in my sunglasses! – Why!? Because I had left my glasses on my bedside table and I am not taking one step back in that room now Spencer is asleep!! Prescription sunglasses it is!

12.15 – Spencer wakes for the first time. He woke up by having a coughing fit then realised once he was awake he was obviously starving! (From the cry you would think so anyway!)

12.45 – Turns out, he clearly wasn’t starving as all he drank was 2oz before falling back to sleep again! – still in his own bed.

4.15 – Spencer wakes for a feed. This time he drank 5/6oz! I then took him for a nappy change. Whenever Spencer gets put onto that changing unit he seems to think it’s playtime! He was giggling away while I was changing his nappy and I was trying so hard not to entertain the gigging! Although all I wanted to do was coo over that amazing noise!! 

4.45 – Spencer has fallen back to sleep again – Still in his own bed!

5.30 – So he only slept for 45mins but this is expected. Spencer ALWAYS wakes up between 5/5.30am. Before, he wouldn’t go back to sleep and this is when we would get up for the day. The past week/10 days however, I have made a rule (not that he understands it) that he can get into my bed at this time and usually he then goes back to sleep until around half 6! So this is when he gets into my bed – Not bad going for a baby who only a few weeks ago point blank refused to sleep anywhere else but my bed! When he gets into my bed at 5.30 he usually has around an oz of milk before falling back to sleep again. 

6.30 – Spencer is awake! Now to start our lovely sunny day together!!

… I will follow up with a 12 hour day shift! 

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