My night off…

A night off from being Mum is highly needed sometimes! A night of doing you, having adult conversations and in my case dancing the night away!! Luckily, I had a night off this week and enjoyed my best friends wedding reception! 

Although my partner had Spencer I still felt nervous about leaving him. Not because I don’t think my partner is capable just because I am leaving my little boy!!! Having a night off from bath and bedtime routines after nearly 4 months of doing them every…single…day! As crazy as it sounds, I went overboard on making sure everything was organised and ready for their evening/night together. – I say night, I was home at 2am so let’s call it a half night! I ensured every single bottled was washed, I filled the steriliser (even put in a dummy incase times got really bad! Spencer has never even had a dummy before!!!) I got his outfit out ready for bedtime, I made sure the bubble bath was with the bath ready. – Yup, crazy mum!! I even text my partner ‘instructions’ for example, his bath time, how I use Ewan to get him to sleep then lie him down, what time he will probably wake up… All things he already knows but makes me feel better!! 

Although I felt so weird leaving Spencer and I did all those crazy things beforehand, once I was out it was like I forgot who Spencer was! – Of course I didn’t really! He was always in the back of my mind, but the BACK of my mind. Deep down I knew he was fine in good hands and I didn’t need to worry. I still sent the one ‘Is everything going ok?’ text just to check but I knew it would be and sure enough it was!!

Upon arriving home, I found out Spencer was actually quite unsettled and was waking up every half hour – something he hasn’t done in a while! (He must have missed me!!) This made him a grumpy boy the next day but hey! One grumpy boy the day after a brilliant night off I can handle! – I guess it just means I need more nights off to get him use to it 😉 

The moral of the story, every Mum not only deserves but needs some time off once in a while. Not only for yourself but it also made me realise it is good for Spencer too! Yea, he wasn’t the best behaved and most settled but even more reason why he needs to spend some time with others and away from me.

Oh and also! Due to the lack of sleep the night before the following night (last night) we had the longest stretch of sleep we’ve had by far!!! He slept for 8 whole hours straight! 8!!!! I couldn’t believe it… Annoyingly, I kept waking up and checking on him!! Fingers crossed this is something that will carry on now….

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