4 months old already!!…

Today marks the day my baby is 4 months old! (WHAT!!?!) I really do not know where the time has gone! It really does just feel like yesterday I was lying on that theatre table nervous & excited to meet Spencer for the first time! 

Although the time may have gone super fast, the leaps and bounds, highs and lows, laughs and cries we have overcome are crazy! How I have not gone completely insane after the amount of different emotions (and lack of sleep) I have had in the past 4 months I do not know!

The milestones Spencer has already reached in just 4 months are unbelievable! It’s hard to think back to those first few weeks now where all he did was sleep (occasionally), eat & poo!! 

4 months later, Spencer can: entertain himself for small periods at a time, hold his head up, roll from side to side, Grab/hold toys, smile (my favourite), laugh (the best noise ever!), sleep at night for as long as 6 hours at a time (wahooo), coo and gurgle, put weight on his legs, nearly sit up (this one scares me!!), teething, turn to noises he hears, follows toys moving… I’m sure there are things I have missed!! Looking back it really is overwhelming and incredible the way our babies grow in the first year! Each month there is some new trick!! So far, my favourites would have to be that beautiful laugh/smile and how Spencer is sleeping better, not perfect but lots better.. I mean I am writing this at 3.45am right now!! He even has his own really cute sleeping position with both hands on his head!! 

As for me these past 4 months… I have been sleep deprived (although this is getting better), I am literally going bald! I’m not joking, the way my hair is falling out I will be bald by next month! I still don’t fit into basically any of my clothes, my belly bar has officially closed up (this makes me sad), my house hasn’t looked clean and tidy for 4 months now, my phone memory constantly exceeds its limit with the amount of pics and videos I take a day, I could probably set a world record for how quickly I can get myself showered and ready for the day ahead, I haven’t spent time cooking a proper meal in forever or even eaten one in peace for that matter! I constantly have dried up milk on my leggings or shoulder… BUT, I have never experienced love like it! The love I have still gets stronger every single day!! I really should note down one day how many times I kiss Spencer in a day!! This tiny little 4 month old bundle of joy is my absolute world and I wouldn’t change a thing!! 

How different he looks in just 4 months!!!! 

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