Being a real life ‘grown up’…

Yes, it really does suck sometimes! I’m sure most of you will agree with me!! Wishing those childhood decisions/problems back, like which flavour ice cream to get on a warm sunny day by the river or which Disney film to cuddle up on the sofa with on a rainy miserable day! – These were huge decisions! 

This past week has made me realise being a ‘grown up’ is hard work sometimes! Not only have I had to do boring grown up things like renewing car insurance and booking my mot and the normal food shopping/washing grown up boring bla bla bla bits…

Iv also had to carry on being happy on the go Mummy to Spencer while suffering with a horrid flu! A flu I know had I got 5 months ago I would have been lying in bed catching up the Kardashians or something of the sort, eating dominos and all kinds of rubbish feeling sorry for myself. Just over a week later with this cold still lingering I’m carrying on just as before! (Maybe just looking even more rough and being a little more slow). – Because I am now a Mummy a real life grown up and that’s what we do!! Life goes on and our little ones come first. 

Although this hasn’t been the easiest moment of motherhood so far, It has made me notice just how much Spencer means to me and how I would do anything for this little boy! It’s made me prove to myself there is someone else that comes first, someone else who is your number 1 priority and nothing else matters but to keep him happy, safe and loved. Yes, being a “grown up” can be pants sometimes and we will all just wish our childhood back every so often, BUT adulthood as annoying as it is, comes with so many beautiful privileges and joys too! Here’s to being boring grown up adults and never putting yourself first again! – But we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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