Where has my baby gone!?…

While sitting here with a nice hot cuppa (yup, I am actually drinking my tea hot and unrushed!) on this miserable rainy day. I started thinking about my last 4 and a half months… Our last 4 and a half months as a family. Firstly, I should point out just how excited I am right now. Spencer is currently in his cot sleeping! For those who read my previous blogs, you will know Spencer doesn’t usually sleep in the day very often and if he does its on my lap! Two huge milestones in one hit!!!! PLUS he’s now been asleep for 2 hours!! (Yes, I have checked and he is still breathing!). The longest nap we’ve ever had in the day so far! 

The past week has been another crazy week of new milestones reached. After taking Spencer to baby clinic for his usual weighing (12lb 10 now!!) I got talking to the health visitor. – Something that doesn’t usually happen. Normally because the tiny room (sauna!!) is full of screaming babies not wanting to get naked or step on the scales (I know that feeling!) and messy toddlers running around while Mum/Dad are trying to weigh their sibling. I genuinely had a little girl maybe 3/4 years old follow me out the clinic when I left and into the street!! I had to take her back in and find out who her parents were!!! Anyway, I’ve gone off track… While talking to the health visitor, I mentioned how Spencer still wakes every 3 hours through the night for feeds. She assured me at his age by now he should go 6 hours at a time (cheers for that!) and to start him on some baby rice. She mentioned if he gets a bowl of baby rice around 5pm everyday it should fill him for longer ready for bedtime and he shouldn’t wake as frequently. I couldn’t believe it when I went straight to the shop from the clinic to buy my little babies first ‘solids’. Ok, Not really solids but it is something other than milk, which in my eyes is a huge leap!! I was so exited to give Spencer his first bowl of rice!

… To be continued, that hot cuppa, change it to half a hot cuppa! He’s awake!! (It is 3pm)

… He slept for 2 hours 15mins! Can’t argue with that!

Anyway, so after giving Spencer his first bowl of baby rice I felt really emotional. My little baby eating something other than milk! He took to it like a duck to water! He literally scoffed the entire bowl and didn’t have any problems with using a spoon for the first time either! After his rice he slept for 5 hours straight!! I couldn’t believe it and wished I had started it earlier!! Although by the second night the novelty wore off and we’re back to the old days again! Tonight is the 4th night on the rice. Where has my baby gone!? Time is moving far too fast!

We also took Spencer for his first swimming lesson this week!! I really wanted to get these in as early as possible. Not only do I think it’s a brilliant life skill to have and I wish I was a stronger swimmer, Spencer loves his baths so much so I knew he would love swimming! Sure enough, he did! I couldn’t believe my eyes when they dunked him under water on the first session!! Other than the being dunked under, he really enjoyed himself! We can’t wait for next week already!

I also found myself carrying Spencer on my hip for the first time this week! Now he’s not so teeny weeny he actually fits just perched on my hip and quite likes it too! Being able to be more sat up watching what mummy is doing!!

So basically, I just sat here today realising how quickly time is going and how quickly my baby is growing up! He really is changing each and every day!! He is now sleeping in his own bed so no night time cuddles anymore and when we do have a nice cuddle in the day he soon gets bored and wants to play!!!! In my eyes, when people say at the beginning ‘Put him down you’re making a rod for your own back’ ‘Don’t let him co sleep with you you’re never get him in his own bed’ it’s all rubbish! I am so glad I squeezed in all the cuddles I could when I could!! I will carry on getting as much cuddles in when I can too! Time goes too fast!!!

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