10 things all Mum’s do but don’t always admit!…

… Other than put silly filters on baby and think it is totally hilarious like above!!

1. Baby has just been sick on their outfit you have JUST put on them (usually the cute outfit as your on your way out) and instead of changing them you reach for the beloved baby wipes and frantically wipe it off the best you can! 

2. Similar to above, you notice a tiny bit of poo or wee on the corner of babies vest. Instead of risking the temper tantrum that comes with changing their vest, again, you reach for the wipes!!

3. It’s 3am and you know babies nappy could probably do with being changed but you just do not have the energy!! – they will wake up again in 2 hours your do it then!

4. Bottles you always sterilise but the bowl baby has had or about to have baby rice out of will be fine unsterilised!

5. You sit in the car for an extra 20 mins or drive round the block again just because you are petrified to wake baby up when they are finally sleeping!!

6. You rely on the fact that baby loves the colours and flashing from the tv screen more than you probably should!

7. You lick the last little bit of calpol from the spoon because it just tastes so good!

8. In the middle of the night you leave baby lying in their bed and feed them lying there instead of getting them out or winding them like you should. Keeping fingers crossed they will just drop back off as quickly as possible!

9. Bringing bedtime forward that half hour earlier because you’re extra hungry and just want dinner and a glass of wine!

10. Putting baby back in bed with you when they wake too early for your liking in the morning and you just hope and pray they go back to sleep next to you for an extra hour!!

So come on ladies, which are you secretly guilty of doing!? …

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