First night in Spencer’s own room…

Last night was a huge leap for Spencer.. He slept in his own room for the first time!!

After having THE worst night I think we have ever had a few nights ago I decided it is time to try something different. I know, as you have seen from my other blogs Iv had horrific nights and I really didn’t think it was possible to get any worse!! – Apparently it was!! 

I also started to give Spencer water when he wakes instead of milk thinking he will eventually realise he isn’t going to get that nice warm bottle of milk when he wakes up so he will just not bother trying! I have started giving him baby porridge for breakfast and baby rice for tea too just to just fill that little tummy some more! We’re starting on veg today!! (A whole other blog and chapter in our lives!).

So, here goes night 1 being a big boy in his own room and in his cot rather than the little next to me. I should also mention, all week I have been trying to get Spencer to nap in the day in his cot to get used to it! The normal bedtime routine took place, bath, massage, nursery rhyme and bottle. Then, instead of putting Spencer down in my room, in he went into his big boy cot! I was feeling so apprehensive about the whole thing and just praying it worked miracles and made Spencer sleep!! I put Spencer down awake but very sleepy and walked out the room. Half hour later he was screaming! So in I went to calm him down and left the room again. Half hour later again, he was screaming! By now, I am thinking I am in for a loooonggg night! But, I am stubborn and if I have decided it’s time to be in his own room, that is how it is going to be. Everywhere I read says “it takes a week of consistency” – I can handle one bad week right!? – Lets see! 

To my absolute amazement Spencer slept from half 8 until 3.15!! I couldn’t quite believe it! In fact, I still can’t this morning. Of course, I didn’t sleep! We have a camera where you can see Spencer in the cot and I think I must have checked it 1000 times for some kind of movement! At 3.15 I gave Spencer a bottle (I felt like he deserved something better than water and it had been 9 hours since his last bottle at this point), changed his nappy and put him back to bed. He slept again from around 4.15 – half 5 (his usual wake up time). At 6am I got him up as he was starting to get moany which is fair enough, that is normally his wake up time and he slept so well in the night!! 

I came downstairs with him and before I could even think, Spencer fell back to sleep again on me!!! This never happens, usually from 6-11 Spencer is wide awake and refuses to nap! Now, at 7.18am this is us…

Yup! Still asleep!!!

So, is it all just a novelty thing and the excitement of being somewhere different that made him sleep so well? Or is this the start of finally getting some sleep!! (I am trying not to get my hopes up but oh how I wish it is!!) I guess time will tell this week. I will keep you posted!!
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