Don’t judge…Support! 

This morning I took Spencer to baby clinic to weigh him, as I do every other Thursday. Today however, I saw something which inspired me to write a blog about. Unfortunately, not something very nice! 

As I was waiting for a free set of scales, I spotted a poor Mum weighing her screaming baby. Something I know only too much about! At 23 weeks Spencer has only just started to warm to the whole weighing thing – to be honest, who really likes the weighing scales anyway!? 

To the left of me there were 2 mums stood together rolling their eyes and moaning about this poor mum and her crying baby. REALLY!!?!

Now maybe I am being super naive here and without sounding all ‘world peace-y’✌🏻️shouldn’t us Mum’s all be on the same team and sticking together?

Maybe this poor Mum and her baby have been awake all night (this was only 9am so still early too can I add!). Maybe they have been up all night due to teething/the baby has a cold/Mum has started sleep training (something I have started this week and trust me, you don’t get sleep!) or maybe this poor lady has a baby who just refuses to sleep. Maybe Bubsy doesn’t like being undressed, maybe he doesn’t like the scales – like most of us. There could be 10000 reasons or not even any reason just because he felt like crying! Either way, surely this is no reason to judge and make her feel worse than I’m sure she already did. What exactly was it this lady was doing so wrong to offend anyone? 

We have all been blessed with this amazing full time job which never ends called Motherhood and sometimes it is extremely hard work! So why would we want to make it even harder for anyone by judging?

Of course, people will always judge. Unfortunately that’s just the world we live in. BUT surely at least us Mum’s can stick together and stop judging and start supporting!?

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