The cry it out/controlled crying debate…

Crying it out or “controlled crying”… One of THE most touchiest subjects of parenthood right!? It is that one subject everyone has an opinion on. 

I’m sure no parent plans to use the cry it out method. No Mum leaves that hospital after giving birth to their beautiful child and says “I am going to let you cry yourself to sleep”. It’s the worst sound in the world hearing your little bundle of joy cry and we do all we can to settle them. So why is it different at night? 

I must admit, I was always on the “I totally disagree with crying it out” side of the fence. That was until today…

Until I reached my “limit” after another awful night with Spencer. Of course, this really is my last resort and I would do ANYTHING to avoid this. After nearly 6 months of having 3 hours being your longest stretch of sleep I think it is time to do something about it. Not only for my sanity (and beauty sleep is needed too!) but also for Spencer. Every day Spencer is becoming more and more alert and more and more active with learning how to roll and sit and move around. It is exhausting for me to watch/be there making sure he isn’t going to harm himself! Let alone for his tiny little bones/muscles to go through – it is a like a 12 hour workout! The boy needs a decent sleep to allow his body to recuperate!!

So the research begins on crying it out… I have spent all morning reading up on the method. This is something I am really worried about doing. I need to be 100% sure I really can do it! Am I really strong enough to sit outside Spencer’s room listening to him cry!? But do I have any other options!? I need to remember, this is for him. Although the first 3-5 nights will be horrible, in fact probably the worst days of my motherhood yet… (Apparently that’s all it takes, 3-5 days! Hmm…) It might just be exactly what I need to do. 

Today marks exactly 1 week since I moved Spencer into his cot in his own room. I did this as I thought it may help with the whole sleeping issue. Maybe he hears me moving around in my sleep, or the dog jumping on and off the bed. Obviously neiither of these were the problem! After a week of being consistent and not giving in to letting Spencer come back in my room, all I have to show for it is huge bags under my eyes and a tired baby!! We are no where closer to either of us getting a better nights sleep. Although at least Spencer is now getting used to the fact that he won’t be coming back into Mummy’s room and certainly not Mummy’s bed! 

I guess today I need to have a long hard think about whether I can really go ahead with crying it out or not. After all, consistency is key! There is no point trying it for a few minutes and giving in.

Anyone with any advice on the matter… I am here with very open very desperate ears!!

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