A woman’s work is never done…

Is it just sad old me that gets excited about some baby free hours to clean!? I know, I have reached an all time low…

I am extremely lucky enough to have a good network of friends and family around me all who help in their own special ways with Spencer. Whether it be taking him off my hands for a few hours, even braving overnight sometimes! (Thanks Mum!!) or just meeting up for a coffee or lunch and letting me drink/eat in peace. It all makes such a difference!!

But when I do get some baby free time, I am always told “take this time to relax” or in my case with a baby that doesn’t sleep “get some sleep in”. 

Mum’s – Who else agrees with me, this just isn’t always possible? Not when you have a never ending to do list (I actually do have a to do list in my notes in my phone) Each time you get that nice sense of relief you’ve managed to cross something off – another is soon added!! 

So when I do get some time, I find nothing more pleasurable then cracking on with my list!! (Fun times!!) Yesterday, my sister had Spencer for 4 hours. During that 4 hours I honestly did not sit down once. It took the entire time to clean the house top to bottom and get some washing done. (There is still more washing to be done today). It feels so nice waking up today with a nice clean house and another thing ticked off the dreaded list!! 

I was in such denial when I finished for maternity leave and thought while I am off it will be so nice to have a constantly clean house and cook some nice home cooked meals everyday, get my body back and do a workout a day and eat healthily all the time (because I will have time too.) The reality – I do keep the house TIDY but my cleaning skills usually result in a quick wipe over the surfaces not a deep clean like I managed yesterday, the home cooked meals are kind of home cooked just not nice new recipes each day more like the slow cooker gets thrown on and left all day, the workout side of things happens occasionally but Spencer usually decides he’s bored of watching me half way through dripping of sweat so I never get time to cool down resulting in extra achey muscles the next day and the healthy eating, well, that’s so difficult when chocolate gives you so much energy and it’s practically a crime to have a cuppa without some biscuits!! (Yup I am starting to at least have a cuppa a day!).

Anyway, my point is, a woman’s work is never done! But actually, I quite like it. I like being constantly busy and having something to always do (usually when I have no Spencer to entertain) otherwise, I think my body will stop and realise just how exhausted it is and I would miss Spencer too much!! It is a great sense of pride knowing the house is clean, the washing is done and there is food on the table all because that magic fairy (Mum) has worked her magic yet again! – Meaning happy baby, happy partner and therefore happy Mum! 
Raising a child and housework related bits are jobs that are never done. I think it is important to realise that, otherwise, we will all go stir crazy waiting for that break that will never come! 

GIRL POWER!! 💪🏻💪🏻 “Man may work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done” 😉

p.s- As stated above, here is my to do list as is stands today! (Shorter as I had my mad 4 hours yesterday!)

– [ ] Stairs cupboard needs sorting!

– [ ] Kitchen cupboards need sorting!

– [ ] Ironing (big pile)

– [ ] Washing 

– [ ] Cook Spencer’s lunches for the week and freeze 

– [ ] Start sorting and boxing up Spencer’s old bits and bobs

– [ ] Sort first aid refund out

– [ ] Send passport forms off

-[ ] Do a food shop 

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