My new nighttime game (by Spencer)…

Today mummy has let me on her blog! So I decided to let you know about my new game I made last night…

Last night I decided to play a game with mummy at 2.45am. The game was see how many things I could do to avoid having to go to sleep. 

Firstly, I woke up chatting to myself as loudly as possible for 5 mins before screaming as loudly as possible. Great! – Mummy’s up, let the game begin!!

Mummy came into the nursery and tried to calm me down (obviously I made this as difficult as possible). Next, mummy changed my nappy. Once the clean nappy was on I decided to do a smelly poo!! So mummy had to change my nappy again. Next, mummy tried to give me some water – she is trying to wean me off the night feeds but I am making this as impossible as I can! Next, I wanted to spend a good half hour showing off my new rolling and talking skills – I am very proud of them so do them as often as I can! Next, I thought il do another poo just for fun!!..FINALLY! – mummy has realised I’m not going back to sleep without milk (an hour and 10 mins later). After gulping the entire bottle I thought I’d get hiccups for a while – obviously I can’t sleep with hiccups! Mummy picked me up and patted me on the back to try and get rid of them. This worked!! (Damn it!!) so, I pretended to fall asleep then just as mummy put me down started my rolling and talking again. This is such a fun game!!

It is now 4.15am I have been playing this game for an hour and a half and I am still loving it!! I have lost count how many times mummy has been in and out of the nursery but this is all part of the fun! Mummy also thought she would see if I slept better in my cot without the sleepyhead today, this was great because it meant I could move around and kick the end of the cot really loudly to scare Archie (the dog) and make him bark!

After lots of fun keeping Mummy up, I decided at 4.45 that 2 hours is long enough and I will now go back to sleep for a little while…

Love, Spencer X 

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