The 4:3 sleep regime…

Forget the 5:2 diet, Spencer has his own sleeping version. We like to call it then 4:3 sleeping regime. It seems although there is no pattern during the night, Spencer does kind of have a general pattern. The pattern is 4 horrific wake up every hour/2 hour nights followed by 3 good nights.

When I say good, Spencer falls asleep around 7pm. He will then wake up around the following times; 8pm, 10pm, 3am (this one he always stays awake for about 2 hours) then up at 7am. Although this still doesn’t look great, those solid 5 hours from 10-3 are just the best!! Especially after getting up every 2 hours for the past 4 nights. However, when it comes back around to the 4 horrid nights I crave a 5 hour sleep!! – I also crave a new back with the backache I get constantly getting in and out of bed and leaning over that cot!!! 

The amount of pressure on us when you read “by 6 months a baby should be sleeping through the night” I just want to scream at anyone or anything I see this on! So this is for those Mum’s out there, sleep deprived like me who’s baby isn’t one of those magic little things that sleeps! (Don’t worry I’m sure when they are older their time will come and we will be fast asleep dreaming about how we’ve still got hours left in bed before ours wake ;)) 

Hang in there Mummy’s & Daddy’s their time will come – won’t it!?……

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