Happy half a year!…

I can’t quite believe I am already writing this blog! Today is Spencer’s 6 month birthday!… half a year!!…WHAT!?! Where has it gone!? Well, they do say time flies when you’re having fun!

Fun… another thing I can’t believe I am saying. Had you asked me 3 months ago to describe my time being a Mummy in one word, fun would have been the last word I’d have picked!!

The past six months have been an absolute rollercoaster of highs and lows. Although it is by far the hardest most challenging job I have ever experienced it is also the best! Yes, there has been (and still is) sleepless nights… In fact, I haven’t had a full nights sleep in these six months. Spencer has had 3/4 sleepovers at the grandparents but even then my body still woke up waiting for Spencer’s cry! We’ve had colic, reflux, colds, teething (but still no teeth!) – just to name a few obstacles that come your way during parenthood. We’ve spent god only knows how much on ‘gadgets’ mostly to try and get some sleep. For example, Ewan the sleep sheep, a heatpad, a colic wedge, a next to me crib, different swaddle blankets, different bottles (MAM came off on top!) various colic/reflux drops, different milks, we even got so desperate and took Spencer to a cranial osteopath aka ‘The Wizard’ to my friends and family. It was the best thing I ever did!! Iv gone out on dog walks at all times of the day (sorry Archie!) to try and get Spencer to sleep. I could go on forever with the challenges that come with being a Mummy but suddenly you see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is all instantly forgotten!….

Six months on I am lying on my freshly made bed (I love fresh bed sheets!) after just having a lovely long shower, drinking my salted caramel green tea writing this blog at 9.30pm. Firstly, a few months ago I would most definitely not had the time to re make my bed (grossly this wasn’t a priority anymore), I would never get time for a long shower just a quick get the basics done in and out, I wouldn’t be drinking green tea it would have been a sip of normal tea before Spencer woke with a chocolate bar – but now I have baby weight to shift its green tea!! Lastly, I would probably have had Spencer in my bed next to me crying or maybe asleep in which case I would have been too scared my phone light would wake him to write a blog! So as you can see, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I genuinely do feel as though I have hit the 6 month mark and the hard parts are behind us! Of course, everyday there will be a little cry about something (probably because iv taken something out of Spencer’s reach he is trying to grab) and I still have the disturbed nights but these are getting better (or maybe just easier the more I get used to them). Spencer is just so alert now and really growing into his own little personality that I absolutely adore!! He is a little cheeky chatterbox and I never knew it was possible to love as much as this! 

The developments and milestones he has reached are crazy and he continues to surprise me each day with a new trick! We’ve started the big weaning journey and Spencer loves his food already! There isn’t a veg he hasn’t liked yet! – apart from broccoli on the first attempt but now he likes that too. We’ve moved Spencer into his cot in his own room and he’s done brilliantly with the transition! I never thought the day would come he would sleep out of my bed let alone in his own room! He’s coming on leaps and bounds with his swimming lessons and is such a water baby! He’s a little chatterbox now too.. he doesn’t stop talking! His first syllable was ‘DaDa’ most people would say this was his first word but I am going with syllable! Obviously he doesn’t know what he is saying yet and his first word will be ‘MaMa’ 😜😜 now there are lots of syllables mixed together. 

Looking back on our six months together, it has been the time of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing! I adore every teeny tiny little bone in my gorgeous blue eyed boy and I cannot wait for the next six months if these past six were anything to go by! 

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