Hot, bothered & covered in prickly heat!…

We wait so long for some gorgeous sunshine and moan about the cold weather all the time! So when we finally get some nice hot weather what do we do!?… Moan about it!… why!? Because babies are unhappy in it and an unhappy baby makes an unhappy Mummy!!

Don’t get me wrong, if I didn’t have Spencer I probably would be loving this heat. – That is of course, if I was able to just enjoy it and not work in it!! However, I do have Spencer and he is hating it!!!

Poor sausage, he isn’t able to sleep even though I have put a fan in his room for him. He isn’t napping in the daytime from being too hot so by the time bedtime comes he’s overtired aswell as hot aswell as having heat rash!! 🙈

Spencer did however love the little paddling pool today! It really cooled him down and I got some smiles!! But I can’t let him sit in there all day can I… or can I!!? – I wish I could!

I think it really is the worse feeling ever seeing your little baby so uncomfortable and not being able to help!! I have kept Spencer in his nappy only all day and all night, he has a fan going in his room for night time, he had a play in a paddling pool, I have tried to keep him out of the sun but have a good balance of being inside and out (mostly outside for some air)… I have ran out of things to do!!!

In conclusion, I have decided I do not like the heat with a baby! I feel so sorry for him and I just want to make him comfortable!!!

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