Teething nightmare…

Ahhhh teething!… who invented such a thing and why!! Why can babies not just be born with teeth!? The world would be a much more comfortable place for everyone if they were… surely? Ok, maybe not for Mum’s that breastfeed (ouch!)

As you have probably guessed, Spencer has been teething the past 2 days. I thought we had gone through teething before (although no teeth cut through) but never like we have experienced these last 2 days! 

I can’t even imagine the pain my poor little boy is going through. Iv had crying 80% of the time in the last 48 hours. Not just a cry were used to either, a really horrible Mummy I am in pain cry! It’s heart breaking to see and hear!! Spencer hasn’t taken either his hand, my hand, Daddy’s hand, Sophie the giraffe, the sky remote (of course I stopped him instantly!) or teething rings out of his mouth. He really grabs hold of his sore gums with such force!!

I have tried teething toys out of the fridge, Sophie the giraffe, Nelson’s Teetha Granules (highly recommend), calpol, calgel, one of those weird netted things you put frozen food into for them to safely suck on (not so recommended), lots of cuddles and love, more bottles than he should really be having – especially as I had just started to wean him off the night feeds! I don’t think there is anything I haven’t tried? I even very very nearly let Spencer get into bed with me last night! – I stayed strong and thought we have done so well with Spencer sleeping in his own room I can’t break it now! Instead, I am just exhausted from going in and out the nursery to give him cuddles all night! 

This morning the gum was bleeding and I can really feel the sharpness of the tooth coming through. Fingers crossed this is a good sign that the tooth is very nearly through and this horribleness can be over – until next time! Although it is now becoming exhausting for me: firstly Iv had about 6 hours sleep in the past 48 hours and secondly it’s hard work with a crying baby constantly trying to settle him the best you can. He is of course especially needy with this and Iv hardly been able to leave his side! But I can handle it – obviously I can! He’s my little baby and I will do anything and everything I can to ensure he’s as comfortable and happy as possible. I mean, I have chocolate to keep me going, poor Spencer doesn’t even have that!!…

What I find hardest is seeing Spencer in such distress and pain. I hope for his sake, this nightmare is nearly over and he can go back to his cheeky happy self asap!!  

I did manage to get a slight smile earlier on our long walk – although looking at it now this is more just Spencer sucking in his bottom lip to try ease the pain like he has been doing all day…

Fingers crossed you will see a blog from me VERY shortly with the news that Spencer has his first tooth!!

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