New 12 hour day shift…

I figured it’s time I did another ’12 hour day shift’ blog post – it’s been a while!

I have to say firstly, my day started at 6am (this is when Spencer woke up) which immediately I was so chuffed about!! The past 3 days my day has started at 4.30/5am so 6 was an amazing lie in!! Spencer woke so happy too….

Excuse his Boris Johnson morning hair!!

As he woke so happy for the first time in a good week, I thought I’d push my luck and see if he wanted to come chill in Mummy’s bed for a while. To my amazement he managed a whole 45 mins lying with me playing with some of his toys in bed and of course trying to eat anything in sight (he’s teething).

At 7 we got up and went downstairs and Spencer had a bottle. Normally I would give him one before an hour of waking but as he had one at 4am he didn’t need it! He still wasn’t interested in this one yet so I put it aside and put Spencer in his bouncer jumparoo thing he loves! 

While Spencer was happy in his bouncer (7.15am) I spent half hour emptying his nappy bin, put some washing on, unpacked all the bags from yesterday (we went to Nanny’s and always come back with loads!) Put all the ironing away (My mum also did this for me!!)

By 7.45 Spencer was getting grumpy so I got him all washed and dressed for the day and tried to put him down for a little nap (he was getting grouchy and I soon would be if I didn’t get my breakfast and coffee!)

8am and Spencer is asleep! – Quick shower and get ready for the day then down I go to make myself some breakfast. Clumsy me what do I do! I get a glass out the cupboard and drop it smashing everywhere!! – what is more frustrating is this is the second time I have done this in the past week and it has woke Spencer up!!! 

8.30am Now I am frantically trying to clear all the glass up while listening to Spencer crying – He wasn’t having a full on melt down yet like usually he does, he was more winging so I figured if I leave him hopefully he will drop back off to sleep – of course he didn’t!! I was planning a nice healthy breakfast of porridge with some fruit, but now I need something quick and easy so it is unhealthy chocolate shreddies!!

9am So after that little moment I get Spencer outside and hang the washing out while he watches me. He looks happy in the pic but this only last 3 mins! Because obviously half hour sleep wasn’t enough! 

9.30am And we are finally out for our daily morning dog walk. Spencer use to sleep on this walk when he was in the carrycot but now he’s in the actual pram he is usually too busy being nosey or as you can see at the moment chewing poor Sophie the giraffe’s ear off!!

Once we get back from our walk I attempt to put Spencer on his play mat surrounded by toys while I unload the dishwasher and wash and sterilise some bottles. I use to be able to do this for a good half hour but these past few days Spencer is having full on melt downs if I leave him! So I quickly do these 2 things before he gets too annoyed and get back in the room! He has been ill the past few days but now I think he’s secretly just trying to milk it a little.

By half 10 I get Spencer in the car and we pop into our local town for a few bits for Spencer’s lunch and dinner today. Up until yesterday Spencer has ALWAYS slept in the car within 2 minutes he is asleep. Yesterday on the way home from my Mum’s he cried the whole journey (20 mins it was awful!) and I put it down to tiredness but today he decided to do it again on the way in and out of town! I’m not too sure what this new thing is all about but it can stop! 

11.30am I put Spencer back in his bouncer and I go and prepare his lunch. Today he has apple, pear and cinnamon (it smells like Christmas!!) this is Spencer’s first try of fruit too he’s only ever had veg.

12pm I attempt to give Spencer his lunch but after 1 spoonful give up he is crying and kicking and I put him to bed. That half hour at 8am wasn’t long enough (but that is the story of Spencer’s life! The boy who doesn’t sleep!).

I put my hands up! I am in an extremely bad habit of rocking Spencer to sleep (something I need to work on) and within a few minutes he is asleep so I put him down in his cot and go down to make my lunch. Spencer may not have wanted his but I definitely want mine!! While preparing lunch I tidy away the steamer and blender from making Spencer’s. Babies food takes so much prep!! No wonder by the time it comes to me I just want a simple bagel and Philly! Finally, I sit down on the sofa with my lunch and the baby monitor and start writing this blog post of my morning. 

12.25 Spencer has woken having a melt down this is when I know he’s not slept long enough. I am dedicating this week to try and crack down on his bad sleep habits and get him sleeping longer than 20 mins at a time. I leave him for a few minutes (the longest mins of my life!) eventually go in there and rock him back off to sleep. – I know, not a great start but I’d rather he gets used to having to sleep for longer periods first, then il stop the rocking. – One thing at a time!

Although I have always laughed at the whole ‘sleep when baby sleeps’ saying, I mean that’s our time to shower, eat, tidy or whatever else needs doing isn’t it!? Today however, after the past few days we’ve had I actually fell asleep on the sofa while Spencer sleeps which never happens! It never happens because I usually have too much to do or because Spencer doesn’t sleep for longer than 20/25 mins. Today however, after putting him back to sleep when he tried to get up at half 12 he then stayed asleep until 2.15!! I slept from 12.45-1.45 then woke up and frantically checked the monitor was still on (it was I could hear the fan going in Spencer’s room) then checked the camera and could see Spencer’s little chest moving up and down and couldn’t quite believe it! Now however, I am doing my usual self and feeling extra guilty for that hour nap so quickly make a coffee and get the washing in before Spencer woke.

2.30 We had lots of playing, singing, giggles and a story until 4pm. At 4pm Spencer had a bottle then I let him wind down with some baby tv, he loves fisher price YouTube channel!! – I know, bad mum points! But it does allow me to go and prepare Spencer’s dinner!

At 4.30pm Spencer went to sleep. I can’t believe he was actually tired again already!! The sleep only lasted 10 mins as Daddy got home and the dogs barking woke him! 

Daddy played with Spencer until 5 while I finished getting his dinner ready. 

At 5pm Spencer had his dinner (sweet potato and kale) after dinner he watched me clean it up then he came outside and watched me water the flowers then he had a story – The hungry caterpillar.

6pm bath time!!! Followed by a massage, bottle and bed.

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