12 hour night (follow on)…

Following on from yesterday’s 12 hour day blog I decided to carry this on with the 12 hour night shift. That way this is a true reflection of the life of Spencer in 24 hours. I have had a good few nights lately where Spencer goes to sleep around 7pm and doesn’t wake until 3ish so I did wonder if there was much point. Thankfully I did write it down as I went along as Spencer decided last night he was going to wake as much as he could!! So, yesterday’s blog went from 6am – 6pm here goes from 6pm… 
6pm bath time followed by a massage (very quick as Spencer now hates to be lying down!) and a bottle.

6.45 I attempt to put Spencer to bed. I say attempt as he was putting up a good fight. I kept doing the leave him to cry for 2 mins go in pick him up put him down again and so on for half an hour.

7.15 Spencer is finally asleep! (Fingers crossed!) at least I hope I get long enough to cook and eat dinner! 

9.30 Spencer wakes up so I change his nappy and get him back to sleep

10 Spencer wakes again ALREADY and is having a full on melt down! (Sorry neighbours!!) 25 mins later and he finally goes back off to sleep

1.15 Spencer wakes up AGAIN I give in and make him a bottle although I am trying to wean him off the night feeds. Mid bottle he decides to give me a lovely explosive nappy to change so i sort that out get him back into his cot then to my absolute shock the little terror gives me another gross nappy straight after!! After 2 nappy changes & some milk Spencer finally goes back to sleep

4.15 Spencer wakes again, this time he goes back off to sleep fairly quickly once I go in and calm him

5.45 Spencer is awake for the day! Surprisingly in a fairly good mood after that night of ups and downs!

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