Full time work…

Being a Mum is the greatest yet hardest thing. Yes, it is just the best most rewarding job out there, but it also comes with its challenges! 

A challenge I am personally starting to notice is the no break challenge! Being Mum is full time day and night. Gone are the mornings lying in bed while you wake up maybe even having a coffee or breakfast in bed! Nowadays, I am woken up by Spencer and out of bed being happy excited Mum within minutes. Gone are the nice long bubble baths – No time for that anymore!!
I suddenly realised yesterday while at work, the only Spencer free time I have is when I am at work once maybe twice a week! Although I do of course LOVE every second of my day I spend with Spencer I have also forgotten what it feels like to be at home without him!! 

This is just one of those lose lose situations. Although I may have the odd moan that I never have a free second just me without Spencer, I know when I do occasionally get that moment I feel lost and miss him instantly! Yesterday was an extra long day without him and today I feel like I don’t want to let him go!! I worked in the day meaning Nanny no 1 had Spencer while I was at work. Then, I came back from work and Nanny no 2 came round to sit with Spencer while myself and my partner went out for a very rare meal with some friends. Don’t get me wrong, while we had our evening out I thoroughly enjoyed the time being me talking to adults and not worrying about having to change a baby’s nappy or making up a bottle!! This was very overdue and so so needed!!

I guess finding a right balance is something I now need to start working on. I love my every second with Spencer and feel extremely privileged and lucky to be able to spend every second of every day with him. I am also however starting to realise it’s also healthy for everyone to have the odd small breaks! Not only is this beneficial for me to just re charge but it is also beneficial for Spencer to get use to being without me and not too attached to me. 

Wish me luck on my journey of finding a good balance between Spencer and Mummy time!!

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