Wednesday 3rd August 2016 marks ‘Bump Day’. Bump Day helps raise awareness about the need for maternal health care worldwide. Please see website for more details… bumpday.org 

Although my bump is no longer (well… that’s up for debate!) I would still like to take part in this by posting my Bump pic!! 

I have chosen my favourite Bump pic to post… this was taken at 28 weeks during my pregnancy. 

Bump Day and helping raise awareness for maternal health care is especially close to my heart after not receiving the best maternal care myself. After my midwife missing numerous appointments, always commenting on how Bump is ‘a tad smaller than normal’ and ‘if still small next appointment she will book me for a scan to check sizing’ (she never did). Lastly, a week before Spencer was born she had told me he was engaged – turns out, he wasn’t! 

Those who have read my birth story will know I was rushed down for an emergency c-section, something I never wanted and more annoyingly something that could have been avoided. Had my midwife actually sent me for a sizing scan like she had spoke about on numerous occasions, we would have seen there was in fact a reason for my small bump. The reason being my placenta had rotted meaning Spencer wasn’t getting the nutrients he needed…Had they seen this on a scan they would have more than likely induced me and I would have had Spencer early… thank goodness he decided to do this all by himself and make an early appearance!! My midwife also told me a week before Spencer was born that he was engaged.. therefore, obviously no need to worry about him being breech! – Wrong! Upon arrival at the hospital the staff soon realised that what they were seeing was in fact a foot and not a head! Once Spencer was safely delivered the surgeon insured me there was no way he was engaged a week prior. The position he was in was far too awkward to get into within a week. 

Anyway, after reading back on this blog I can see my anger slowly starting to bubble again!!! I am just lucky my poor maternal care didn’t leave any horrid lasting effects and I have a lovely beautiful healthy boy. Unfortunately, not something all Mum’s can say. So please ladies.. let’s help raise awareness by taking part in #BumpDay!

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