I have a sleeping baby!!…

Firstly I need to start this blog with an apology! I know I promised our full weeks sleep training results on Friday. I didn’t quite realise just how much sleep training takes over your life! Although I have been a social recluse for the past week/10 days, I would absolutely do it again! 

Coming from a Mum who was so against the cry it out method, I think it was the best thing I ever did! Yes, it was immensely difficult – the hardest thing Iv ever done! But, it was so so worth it… I now have a baby who sleeps through the night! 

Of course, Spencer still protests when I put him to bed. This protest only lasts around 5 minutes before falling asleep for either an hour and a half/2hour nap or an 11 hour night so I think we can both handle the 5 min protest beforehand. Spencer does occasionally wake around 3am but this wake up lasts about 10 minutes and there is no crying just a wingey/talking to himself moment before putting himself back to sleep again. 

I won’t go into detail of exactly how I did it as this was all in my last blog post, but I will say, I could never have done it without the camera we have attached to his cot. I don’t think I could listen to the crying and not be able to see actually he’s ok and safe. 

Before this sleep training I always had the same bed time and bedtime routine but I never had set nap times. Therefore, when I realised Spencer should try and nap he was already overtired resulting in maybe a 20min/half hour nap if I was lucky. Now, Spencer wakes in the morning, we have 2 hours awake time before a hour and a half nap then we have lunch at 11.45 and Spencer goes down again for around an hour and a half-2 hours… this really has proved to me, the key to a good night’s sleep is a good nap regime!!

I am so so proud of both myself and Spencer for this (in my eyes) HUGE achievement. I genuinely never thought I would see the day where I… 1. Didn’t have to stand rocking Spencer to sleep every night, breaking my back along the way! And… 2. Spencer slept for a longer period than 3/4 hours! I think it really goes to show just how important a routine is in our babies lives…

Summary of Spencer’s new sleep routine:

Wake up around 5.15am

Back to bed at 7.15am

Wake up around 8.30-9am

Back to bed at 12pm

Wake up at 2pm

Bedtime routine starts at 5pm:

Dinner at 5pm, then a story, then I usually let Spencer sit on my lap for a cuddle and a naughty bit of tv (he loves fisher price YouTube channel!), bath around 5.45pm, massage and bottle after bath. Spencer then falls asleep between 6.15-6.30pm he may then wake around 3am before going back to sleep until 5.15am…

(Let’s just not think about the things like teething, illness, the wonder weeks that may disrupt this at the moment!!)

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