Spencer’s takeover…

Hi guys!

Baby Spencer here taking over Mummy’s blog…So it is 4.40am and I have been full of beans wide awake since 4! I made a loud scream at 4am just to let Mummy know I was awake. I know she doesn’t then go back to sleep until I am asleep so she will just stay awake watching me on the camera until I start crying. She has started this new thing of not coming to see me straight away now though so I know I have to cry for 4 whole minutes in order to get her in here! So here goes… 4 minutes of crying starts now! – 4.15am. (In which time Mummy should hopefully make me a bottle!).

Yay! I did it! 4.20am and Mummy has finally come into my room with a nice warm bottle. She hasn’t looked at me or spoke to me yet – How rude!! But don’t worry, I will drink this bottle first then get to that. 

Bottle all gone!…Opps! I did a poo poo so Mummy will now have to spend longer with me and change my nappy too! While she is doing this I will start crying and pulling on my teeth and gums to make her think my gums are really sore! Now I have a full milky tum tum and a nice clean nappy but I also want some of that nice Nelsons Teetha powder so I’m just working on making Mummy realise my teeth are sore! 

4.45 and I have managed to get a nice bot bot, clean nappy and some teething powder. What else!? Mummy has realised there is nothing else I need and she hates me waking up this early so she leaves the room in hopes il have a little protest then go back to sleep….. 

HA! Fat chance! I don’t want to go back to boring sleep!! I know that in half hour Daddy’s alarm goes off for work so I might as well hold out for that and see him too! Mummy has left my room for 10 minutes now because Iv been good and not cried. As mentioned, I now know she will be watching me on the camera until I go to sleep so as long as I keep moving around and playing with my Ewan the dream sheep she will stay awake! 

Oh no!!! 5am and my eyes are starting to feel heavy! Why!? I can usually stay awake for a good 2 hours at this time of the day!! Must… stay… awake!  

Dammit! It’s 6.30am…I must have dropped back off to sleep. Never mind, my aim is to keep Mummy awake and I know she wouldn’t have gone back like me. Daddy’s alarm would have gone off 10 mins after I fell back asleep and woke her if she did! Then she wouldn’t go back to sleep after that (partly because I never sleep past 6.30 so what’s the point and partly because Daddy isn’t very good at getting ready quietly!). 

Anyway, now that everyone is up and awake I suppose I better start demanding my weetabix breakfast and get to playing! I’m not sure what me and Mummy are doing today but I’m sure we will go somewhere! Mummy always drags me out somewhere or to visit someone! 

Thank you for reading my little blog all about my early morning wake up!  

Love, Baby Spencer xx 

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