Hello new skills!…

Noooo!! My nightmare has begun! We had done so well with cracking the sleep issues and finally I had a baby that slept all night AND had naps in the day lasting longer than 15mins! Hallelujah!!!

Until…. hello black cloud (Wonder weeks app), hello first tooth cutting through and hello new skill of being able to sit alone! Suddenly Spencer can now sit up from lying down without any help and it seems the most fun place to practice this new skill is in his cot. Guaranteed now I put Spencer down for bed or a nap he will instantly shoot upright with no trouble at all and sit there gazing through the cot bars as if I have locked him up in a cell!….

Oh the disappointment! We were doing so well! Of course, I am hoping and praying this is just a phase and it will soon all be back to normal again! I am trying so hard to stick to the routine we have been doing so here’s to hoping!! 

It seems Spencer turned 8 months yesterday and suddenly he has lots of new things to show off! He has cut his first tooth this week, he has the new skill of sitting, he even crawled for the first time yesterday but for some reason hasn’t done this again since! He’s most definitely found his voice this week shouting ‘DaDa’ at every opportunity he can! He LOVES dancing every time he hears some music even a little tune from one of his toys the dancing starts! He really has just grown up too much the past month! What happened to my cuddly little boy!! Now I can’t get him to sit on my lap and cuddle for longer than 10 seconds before he is fidgeting his way out 😦 

I guess it’s sad my baby is no longer a baby but I can’t wait for my little boy to keep showing me all his new clever skills!! 

Anyone with any tips or advice on how to deal with a baby that just wants to sit up in his cot all the time please let me know!!

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