Spencer’s morning blog…

This morning I decided to have my first lie in and I didn’t wake up until 6.15! I keep hearing Mummy say how she’s so tired as she gets up with me between 4.30-5am everyday so I thought I would finally give her a lie in. I also heard her tell a neighbour yesterday she would love me to sleep just until 6am so I thought that’s not too much to ask I suppose!

Only problem is, I heard her get up at 5.15am still! So what was the point in that!?

Apparently her ‘body clock’ is now set to wake at this time anyway and she has to get out of bed and walk around by then because her back is agony! According to Mummy I am the reason she has such a bad back from lifting me, carrying me, putting me in my car seat, pram and cot etc etc – Opps!! I would love to say when I start walking I will do that myself but actually il probably still want to be carried 2 years down the line or il have a meltdown somewhere I shouldn’t and Mum will be carrying me out! -Soz Mum!!

Anyway, I tried to let Mummy lie in even though she didn’t!… Mum’s are such hard work!!! I heard her just say it’s nice to just have an hour in the morning to wake up and have a peaceful coffee so at least that’s something! Now I am going to have a fun day with Mummy and make it one of those textbook easy days where I nap and feed just 3 bottles a day!… (Mummy wishes!!)

Spencer xxx

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