We’re going on holiday!…

After weeks of writing lists, trying to organise, panicking and stressing about taking Spencer on a plane the day is finally here. At 2.30am we will be in the car on our way to the airport getting on that flight to Spain!! 

As mentioned, I had started writing lists weeks ago to stay organised and also to help me try and remember everything! Taking a baby abroad for a week means there is lots to take! A tiny little thing but so much luggage!! This is how my lists started… in time these grew and got less organised and become a big panicked mess!

Not only was I writing lists and trying to remember everything. I also spent some time on trusty Netmums and google looking for handy tips on take off and landing, the rules with taking bottles on a flight and anything I may have missed when travelling with an infant. 

It’s funny, until now, when going away I always planned MY outfits. An outfit for each day and an outfit for each evening, all with the matching jewellery, shoes and bags. Plus a few extra items just incase. Not forgetting the make up, straighteners, matching bikinis and all the toiletries. This time however, it is oh so very different! I spent time matching Spencer’s outfits. Ensuring he has all the toiletries he needs, some matching hats and not forgetting the all important milk machine and Ewan the sheep!… Yes, we are taking the milk machine to the villa to make life even easier!! Plus the fun things like the swimming pool seat and the practical UV protecting tent for the beach!

As you can see all my time and effort has gone into ensuring Spencer has absolutely everything he should need or want. Suddenly my things are not important and I have this whole new ‘I will just get it all there’ attitude. No longer am I worried about make up (I haven’t packed a single item), I have 2 pairs of shoes (no heels), no jewellery and no bags – I now have the changing bag to take everywhere with me!! Nor have I got any nice matching outfits just a small handful of anything summery I could find….

Luckily, my sister is coming too so I am totally planning on making up for all the years living at Mum’s where she used to steal all my clothes, shoes, bags and make up!! She just doesn’t know this yet! (Sorry Cole!). Plus I also know there is an amazing shopping centre should I need anything.

Anyway, behind this sheer panic, stress and worries I have about taking Spencer on his first trip abroad and on a plane (this is only natural surely!?) I am also extremely excited! I know once we are there he will love the unlimited access to a pool, his first experience on a beach and just so much to look at and take in! (He loves people watching and being nosey!). You never know, he may even like the plane!!… Please behave Spencer! Either way, he already looks excited and we are finally packed!!

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