Our first family holiday…

I really didn’t know where to start with this blog post. How do you describe your amazing first family holiday in one blog? Thankfully I took lots of photos to help and capture the perfect memories made all in one week. 

On Wednesday 21st Sept 2016 at 1.30am our holiday began. There is only one good reason for getting up at that time and that’s to catch a flight!! A flight I was extremely anxious about taking Spencer on. Upon arrival at Bournemouth airport (an airport I love flying from for the pure simplicity of it!) we checked in all of our luggage. A lot of luggage it was for a little person!! A big suitcase (which was 2kg over despite me packing and unpacking 1000 times before!) Another smaller case, a car seat and the car seat base! – For the hire car the other end. As you can see, Spencer was extremely excited to be going on holiday!! – He should be! He slept the whole hour and a half journey to the airport lucky thing!!

After a nice breakfast it was time to board the flight. We were lucky enough to book exit seats going out to give more room for Spencer or for all Spencer’s things I should say! Before take off I tried to get as organised as I could. The following items were taken out of the bag and put in the pocket infront ready for the flight… A bottle, water, Ella’s pouch, snacks, toys, bib, wipes and a mussie. Phew! As you can tell the extra room was very handy!! As the plane started moving towards the runway something very unexpected happened…Spencer fell asleep!! All that know Spencer know that he is SUCH a fidget and usually refuses to sleep on anyone so this was amazing for me!!! Luckily, he stayed asleep for the next half hour completely missing the whole take off experience! The flight was only just over 2 hours so although he stayed awake the next 2 hours he was good as gold. Of course he got a bit fidgety and bored but no screaming!! Just before landing I took him for a nappy change which he loved as it gave him a chance to make friends along the way as he always does! During landing he was again good as gold drinking his bottle to help his ears but not at all phased by the whole thing. All in all, a success!! Much better than I anticipated. – I won’t go into how I did have to be sick in a bag above Spencer while he slept during that first half hour of the flight! Opps!!! 😷

Once we collected the hire car off we went to the villa. This was just a 20 min drive which Spencer slept through. Now the travelling is done and out the way let’s enjoy the holiday!
Day 1: As we had such an early flight we arrived at the villa at 10am meaning we had the whole first day. We decided to dump the bags in and go straight off to the supermarket to grab some food and water. Spencer’s grandparents were at the villa the week before us so they had bought a pram in Spain ready for our arrival. What a success it was, Spencer loved his new pram and first trip in a Spanish supermarket. Actually, probably first supermarket as Mummy is too lazy to go shopping and does it online anyway!!

Once we got back we had some lunch on the terrace, unpacked a little and went to enjoy some time around the pool. The weather was lovely and hot! Spencer loved his pool time as you can see…

That evening we went out for dinner. At home, we have dinner once Spencer is in bed and rarely go out to eat with him. This proved it isn’t as bad as we think. Spencer slept through majority of our meal then when he did wake happily sat in his pram with a snack watching us. That night, Spencer slept through all night. He went to sleep at 7pm and woke at 5am. Just like he does at home.

Day 2: Spencer went back down for a nap at 7am which lasted 2 hours! Once he woke we went to the big shopping centre down the road for a look around and some lunch. Just like dinner, Spencer slept through majority of our lunch again! Once he did wake we sat him in a high chair and he had his lunch too. Once we got home late afternoon we decided to have a dip in the pool. However, this time Spencer wasn’t so keen! That evening Spencer had his normal 6.30pm bedtime and we had a BBQ. Spencer slept through the night again!

Day 3: Today was our beach day! When we arrived at the beach Spencer was pretty grumpy! How can anyone be grumpy when on the beach!? We decided to leave his Nanny & Auntie on the beach and bought Spencer back to the villa for a nap. Once he woke he was much happier so we decided to try the beach again! Thank god we did.. he loved it!! Splashing the sea, playing with the sand he was having the time of his life! Myself & his Daddy saw this is an opportunity to sneak off leaving him with Nanny & Auntie while we got a pina colada and had a walk along the beach – bliss!! That evening we got an Indian takeaway and Spencer yet again slept through the night.

Day 4: This was Saturday. We are lucky that outside our villa on Saturday’s is a huge market! We took a nice walk along the market for the morning. Spencer loved the people watching and was often talking to himself and others! Once we got back, Spencer went for his lunchtime nap. Unfortunately this time it only lasted 45 mins so Daddy took him out for a few hours walking and driving to lots of different places. That evening Spencer stayed in with Nanny. Myself, Daddy & Auntie Cole went for an evening of dinner and cocktails – And then a pizza on the way home! Opps!! 


Day 5: This morning we went for breakfast and Spencer was so good sleeping while we ate. Once he woke we let him have some toast at breakfast too, as you can see he was very pleased with that! The rest of the day was a lazy villa day until 3.30pm when we decided to go out for early dinner. We went to a restaurant called Rocky’s which is a favourite of ours. Spencer wasn’t the best behaved but he wasn’t terrible. During courses there were a few walks around outside to keep Spencer occupied. He was also very spoilt and had a nibble of Daddy’s chocolate brownie!! I am quite strict with Spencer’s diet at home but as we are on holiday I thought I would be a little less strict!! – He loved it!! As you can see from the chocolate around his mouth! Once we finished dinner we went to the beach for an evening stroll/chill. Spencer loved it again here playing with the sand. Spencer slept through the night again.

Day 6: Once Spencer woke from his morning nap his Auntie got him washed and dressed for the day then Nanny & Auntie went for an hour walk with Spencer. Allowing me time to sit on the terrace with a coffee and start this blog! Once they got back we got Spencer’s little paddling pool out and he had a splash around before his lunch and nap. Spencer’s second tooth cut through today so he wasn’t the happiest of babies! Poor thing! That afternoon we went back to the beach which Spencer loved again and completely forgot about the whole tooth thing. Again, he slept through the night while we had another BBQ and UNO night!

Day 7: Our last full day already!! The week has flown by! Today we went out for breakfast and Spencer watched us eat really well while having a snack himself. After his long lunchtime nap we went down to the pool and Spencer spent hours in and around the pool absolutely loving it! He met a little friend in the pool today and loved the people watching too. That evening myself, my Mum and Sister went out for a lovely dinner and drinks while Spencer had some Daddy time at the villa. Again, he slept through the whole night again. 

Day 8: Home time!! We left the villa at 7.30am after a morning of packing last bits and tidying etc. Spencer was wide awake happy chatting away to everyone on the drive to the airport. During take off on the flight Spencer slept again missing the whole thing again! He woke after around half hour and stayed awake for the rest of the 2 hours just as he did on the way. He was brilliant and loved people watching again and playing with his toys. The last half hour Spencer started to get a little bored and fed up but fell asleep just in time for landing!! The drive home from the airport Spencer slept through too! Result!! 

As you can see all in all our first family holiday was full of making amazing memories and having lots of fun! Spencer slept through the night every night (better than what he does at home sometimes!), he cut another tooth, he learnt how to ‘high five’ (video on bubsy diaries Facebook page), he tried lots of different new foods (including naughty treats he probably shouldn’t have!!), We ate out a lot more than we brave at home, And he experienced the beach for the first time! If I had to find a negative!?… Spencer did wake early in the morning still (4.30/5am) but we had lots of morning fun as you can see… 

Oh and one more negative… my 8 month old son has better tan lines than me!!!! 

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