Baby-proofing in full swing…

Since being mobile, Spencer has become one very mischievous little explorer. Who would have thought this tiny human can move so quickly on all fours!! Now that Spencer can crawl and pull himself up on anything in reach he is interested in EVERYTHING! Of course, there is no fear (well from Spencer anyway, I am a nervous wreck!!) so the stairs – no problem! The huge 65″ tv Spencer insists on grabbing – what could go wrong!? The cupboards he keeps opening and closing – no issue! Or so he thinks… with all these things in mind and watching Spencer the past week (we’ve had a few bumps and bruises!) it is time to start baby-proofing the house!! So with a mix of taking extra precautions, moving a few bits around and doing an Amazon shop here is my list of baby-proofing so far:

Il start with the new purchases…

Plug socket covers: Spencer has shown a real interest in the plug sockets especially as most of them are the perfect height for him! With lots of empty sockets I have now gone round and filled them with covers. 

Cupboard locks: Spencer has a new favourite game which is to open and close the cupboards on the tv unit. He will either open them empty out all the dvds with a devil look on his face, or, he will open and close the cupboard 1000 times and laugh at the noise it makes. That was until he trapped his fingers! I must point out I don’t sit and watch this happen! I stop Spencer as much as possible but as every Mum knows, you need eyes in the back of your head!

Foam door stops: These little hook type looking things hook onto the door stopping it from fully closing. Spencer loves playing with the doors now too! Another finger trapping trick!

Gel corner protectors: These little gel protectors stick onto the corners of things. In our case, definitely the tv unit Spencer keeps pulling himself up on!!

Something I still need to get is stair gates! For those that follow our Facebook page you will see the video I posted of Spencer climbing the stairs!! The tinker gets up those things so quickly with no effort at all!! 

Extra precautions:

Drinks: Our sofa has lovely wide arms meaning we all rest our drinks on it. Now Spencer can pull up onto the sofa drinks are no longer allowed in reaching distance!! 

Dog food: Poor Archie usually goes to his food and grazes throughout the day. Now, unfortunately his food only goes down at meal times otherwise another little boy would be grazing on it!!

Door stops: Throughout the house we have these little spring door stops. Spencer absolutely loves playing with these! However, he managed to pull the little white rubber ends off. Therefore, I have had to go round the house and pull all these ends off myself!!

Wires: Although we haven’t got too many wires on show around the house, there is a wire which runs along the floor down one edge of the living room. Of course, Spencer has spotted this and insists of trying to pull at it! As you can see it is tightly pulled to the wall and clear yet he still finds it!!

My handbag: This might sound like an odd one. Since moving into this house (4 years ago today actually!) my handbag has always had its own little place tucked away in a corner in the hallway. Until now that is, you might ask why I have had to move my bag? Spencer loves crawling over to it and emptying the contents. As a Mum, I have 2 of the essentials in there, painkillers for the headaches and make up to try cover the bags. 2 items I’m not sure babies should really be eating or taste too great at that! 

TV: As mentioned above, Spencer loves pulling himself onto the tv unit and touching the tv. Not only does this give his Daddy heart attacks having baby hand prints on his pride and joy, I am also worried with his strength he could pull the whole thing onto himself! For the moment, we have moved it all the way back to the unit as before it was at the front. I think this may end up mounted on the wall! 

I know bumps and bruises and falls are all development steps we will come across along the way and sometimes there is just no preventing them. However, as a Mum I feel it is my duty and responsibility to try and protect my baby as much as I can and therefore have taken the above steps to do so. I will never have eyes in the back of my head and I won’t always be able to help certain accidents but I feel this is a good start. Funny enough, just as I wrote this blog the dog decided to run past Spencer clipping his shoulder and knocking him over!! Hmm.. how do I prevent this one!!?…

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