Snots & Strops…

Having a newborn baby is hard work. Those first few months all just merged into one big sleep deprived, exhausting blur. However, 9 months down the line and currently dealing with a poorly yet stroppy baby is pretty tough too! 

Spencer has been dealing with a cold the past few days. A cold his evil Mummy meanly passed onto him. I tried so hard for him not to catch it but that’s so much easier said than done when you’re together all day everyday! 

It’s the saddest thing in the world watching your poorly baby and not being able to do anything but offer cuddles & milk on demand. Plus some good old calpol too! He’s such a brave soldier carrying on with his usual routine getting up to no good trying to climb stairs, open cupboards he shouldn’t and winding the dog up. He seems to remember he’s full of cold first thing in the morning and last thing at night. In the day he’s easily distracted from it. 

So why the ‘snots & strops’ heading!? Spencer is extremely snotty at the moment with the cold, his nose is like a constant tap dripping with snot. Which brings me onto the strops part. At 9 months old you would think this boy was already having his ‘terrible twos’!! Every time I go to wipe Spencer’s nose (which is very often lately) he has a complete and utter meltdown. I’m not just talking a little cry… I’m talking absolute you’re killing me Mum meltdown!! Before wiping his nose I have to get ready to catch his head as he literally THROWS himself backwards with the most almighty scream and tears you’ve ever seen… all because I am wiping his nose! How awful of me!!?

So this basically sums up my week all while I am also full of this cold too! Unfortunately, Mummy doesn’t get to throw the strops (Daddy might have something different to say here) Nor does she get nice warm milk, calpol & cuddles on demand! HMPH!!!

Snot monster in full swing…

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2 thoughts on “Snots & Strops…

  1. Gah we are full of germs in our house too but it’s horrid seeing your little ones ill isn’t it? Xx #twinklytuesday


  2. haha love a good snot shot ๐Ÿ™‚ My eldest Max seemed to have a million colds in his first year of life. I found steam really helped him, I even brought a humidifier which will help with the mucus on the chest. I also found steaming up his room or the bathroom using the kettle was a god send. Its been a while since a cold has affected his sleep (touch wood) I have a 11 week old as well and I know the times coming esp with the weather taking a turn.
    Hope he is feeling better soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    #twinkly tuesdays


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