Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!…

So Iv said it a thousand times and il say it again, having a baby is THE BEST thing ever!! There is no better feeling in the world than having that tiny bundle of joy (and sometimes not so joyful!) in your arms. You learn to love so much more than you ever knew possible. You learn just how strong and amazing you really are! 💪🏻 You feel extremely proud every time you look at your bubsy (well, almost every time!) You have this bond like no other – it’s just the best in too many ways to explain! 

However, (Debbie downer) this best thing ever doesn’t come without its difficulties. All of course difficulties or sacrifices you are more than willing to take for your little person completely reliant on you. 

I think the main thing to remember when having a baby is this baby now comes first. He/she is now your main priority. Obviously this doesn’t mean you forget everyone and everything else around you. For me, it is a different kind of priority/love, not necessarily a bigger priority or a stronger love… just a different kind. 

A few ‘difficulties’ ‘changes’ ‘sacrifices’ whatever you may call them I have come across so far:

You soon begin to realise you can’t attend every social event you’re invited too or want to go too! – Yes it is gutting but the people that matter will understand and you need to remember it’s not forever!!

The housework isn’t so important! A bit of dust never killed anyone! In fact, there is such thing as too clean!

Your maintenance… for example and in my case, nails! My nails are always chipped and shapeless all the time now! Another example is brows… I rarely get to have them tinted anymore so half the time they are non existent!

Healthy living… Yes healthy eating is possible with a baby as is working out but it is so much more difficult with a baby!! Not only is it difficult finding the time to prepare nice healthy meals/snacks and work out but it’s a lot of effort! When you’re up at 5am every morning of the week (gone are the weekend lie ins!) then full on most of the day entertaining baby you need all the energy you can get! In my eyes that mars bar is going to give me more energy than the apple 😉 and that ‘just 20 mins HIIT workout’ could be 20 mins of finally sitting down and having a cuppa to recuperate!

There are many changes and sacrifices I have made to my life since having Spencer. Although sometimes a little difficult, they have done me the world of good! They have made me realise that actually life isn’t so serious, you don’t have to stress about little materialistic things. Suddenly the one thing that makes me happiest and the only one thing I need is for my family to be happy and healthy. Who cares if the house looks lived in, who cares that you missed that social event (which looks totally awesome in the pics on fb!!), who cares that you look completely worn out with chipped nail varnish, invisible eyebrows and bad hair. A worn out looking Mummy is doing her job well in my eyes! 

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


7 thoughts on “Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!…

  1. You’re very right. Of all things I struggle with the exercise thing – I feel guilty all the time after years of training 4 – 5 times per week as a rower. But like you say, it’s the only time you can often sit on the sofa and watch trash / go on your blog / talk to your other half. Plus, these days I never sit down because my toddler needs to be continually doing something so I must burn a heck of a lot of calories! Mmmm, I could eat a Mars bar…. Great post, thanks for sharing! #KCACOLS


  2. This is such a lovely message of positivity and love. My son is five and my eyebrows are only just getting some attention. I started to look like a character of sesame street. Having sofa time and some down time is important too, having some exercise time is great as long as you are not worrying about fitting it all in. Enjoy as many of those beautiful baby cuddles as you can. Thank you for linking yo to #KCACOLS I hope we see you next Sunday xx


  3. I love that quote ‘…smile while you still have teeth’! It is hard work being a mum, but I agree the sacrifices are well worth it. When Spencer is old enough he will tell you, as mine do now, that you are beautiful just the way you are, chipped nails and all. #KCACOLS


  4. Isn’t there a poem about how the dusting can wait, but the baby will only be little for a short time? And a shower is still a bit of a luxury for me, but it’s so worth it for the time I get to spend with my children. x #KCACOLS


  5. It is hard to accept that our previous ‘standards’ may need to relax a little. A little dust won’t do any harm. I find that I try and decide what I’m going to ‘let go’, some weeks the housework will slacken but in exchange I concentrate on really nice meals for all of us. I literally never find the time to work out though…. those 20 mins are much better spent sat with a nice hot cuppa.


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