Tips for dealing with a poorly Bubsy…

Firstly, I must apologise for the lack of blogging the past 2 weeks. They have all merged into one big exhausting blur. Everything come to a complete stop and all attention was on one poorly Bubsy. 

Spencer had come down with horrid tonsillitis and a chest infection. It was so awful to have to see, there really is nothing worse. Due to how sick he was everything around me just come to a halt and all that mattered was my baby, his needs and getting him better.

The good news is after lots of pain relief and antibiotics he is finally back to his cheeky little self again. Hmm suddenly I am wondering if this really is good news!! 

Anyway, after 2 weeks of no sleep, no housework being done, no food shopping, very basic personal hygiene, a neglected dog and a very demanding poorly bubba it is time to get back on track! I figured I would jot down some tips for anyone else suffering with a poorly baby – it is just as hard for us parents as it is them!!

Don’t feel guilty/bad about seeing the doctor.

I wish I had taken Spencer to the doctor earlier than I did. I left him poorly for days with the “he’s going to get lots of different bugs with his baby immune system” attitude. I don’t want to waste the doctors time. I wish I hadn’t left it so long and I feel super guilty for it! The day he fell asleep in his high chair eating dinner I knew he was really sick and thank god I took him to the doctor as the meds started working so quickly!

Be mean to be kind.

Giving Spencer antibiotics 4 times a day and calpol & nurofen every 2 hours was hard work! I had to be mean to be kind and really force it into him sometimes. But it was worth it! 

Take the help!!

If people offer to help, thank them and take it! I don’t mean babysitting as of course bubba just wants Mummy when poorly but even if it’s to come and be company to take the heat off a little just agree!

Sleep when baby does.

I know..Everyone says it and we never do. Of course we don’t, who is going to do the house chores/food shopping/make your meals etc.. I have never been one to sleep when Spencer does it’s my time to do things! However, when he was sick I did have the odd afternoon nap. You need the energy more than ever with a demanding baby that doesn’t sleep during the night and unsettled most the day.

Enjoy the bonding time.

If your baby is anything like mine, you will enjoy the extra cuddles! Spencer was so sleepy and cuddly all week and it was lovely! He never usually sleeps on my lap but I loved all the naps he was having while cuddling up to me! 

Leave the chores.

Really… just leave it all! You don’t have the time nor the energy. As mentioned above, enjoy the cuddle time instead! 

Lastly, there are a few items I would highly recommend having enough stock of to keep you going! These are: Wine, chocolate, coffee and did I mentioned wine!?…

Such a poorly boy…

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