Spencer’s Diary…

Hi everyone!! 

This is Spencer taking over Mummy’s blog. I decided I would share with you all a few days from my diary… This is how I started my November. 

Tuesday 1st Nov:

5.15am wake up time!! 
From 5.15 – 8am I have lots of playing!! (Look at how messy I make Mummy’s living room) I also have breakfast and a bottle. Breakfast today was marmite on toast. I love marmite!

8am I have a nap but just until 8.50am

8.50-9.20 – Mummy gets me washed and dressed for the day. My favourite part about this time of day is brushing my 3 teeth!!

Once I am all ready I have a 20 min snack and drink break. Mummy usually gets my pram and the dog ready for a walk in this time

9.40 Off we go for our morning walk. Mummy said she’s going to put my cosy toes back on today now it’s cold again.. (she’s been saying that all week)

10.20 Now I am home I get to have another hour will all my toys before some lunch 

11.30 Lunchtime! Today I had 1 1/2 fish fingers with some carrot and broccoli and lots of water (I love my water!)

12.15 is nap time!! I just have an hour to recharge myself

1.30pm I have lots of playing and a chance to show off as Grandad and Great Nanny come round to visit me! I did soooo much walking with my walker this afternoon to show off. (See video on Bubsy Diaries Facebook page)

4.30pm I have an early dinner. Usually I have dinner around 5pm but I am so so tired from all my walking! For dinner I had shepherds pie with some bread and butter and a yoghurt for pudding

5.15pm bathtime!! I really enjoy my baths!! 

5.45pm and I am asleep! I told you I was tired! Usually I go to sleep anywhere between 6-6.30pm

Wednesday 2nd Nov

Today I don’t have timings as I was just so busy with everyone but I will give you rough timings!

5am – wake up time!! 

From 5- 7am I have lots of playtime and also some breakfast. Today’s breakfast was porridge with some kiwi.

7am I have an hour nap until 8am

Then Mummy gets me all ready for the day and packs me a little bag as I am going to Nanny’s!

8.40am we are in the car and off to Nanny’s house!

9.15am I get to go swimming!! I usually love swimming but today I was ok but didn’t love it. It is Mummy’s fault she hasn’t taken me for a few weeks and I used to go at least once a week! She’s promised once a week again now. After swimming I have a snack in the bar and Mummy & Nanny have a coffee

10.30am we get back to Nanny’s house. I have an hour playing with Nanny and Auntie Cole while Mummy goes and gets ready (she has a trial day at a new job whatever that is!)

11.30am I have some lunch but I am so tired from swimming I don’t want it and instead just go to bed

1pm I wake up from my nap which I very much needed and have my lunch! I tried spaghetti hoops for the first time today!

1.30pm Auntie Nicole walks me to the park which also has an indoor soft play area and I meet my friends there too. 

4pm I go back to Nanny’s as I hear Mummy has come back now!! I had so much fun all afternoon playing in the soft play

4.30pm I have some dinner at Nanny’s before I go home. Today I had fish pie and some bread and butter again (I love bread and butter)

5.30pm I get home and Mummy runs me a nice warm bath (it is so cold tonight!!)

6.30pm and I am finally asleep! That was a fun packed day!!

Thursday 3rd Nov

3am wake up time!! Yup, you read that right.. 3am! Mummy wasn’t best pleased so she gave me some milk in my cot changed my nappy and told me to go back to sleep. I went back eventually after some protest at 4.30am just for an hour.

5.30am time to get up for some playing and breakfast!! Today’s breakfast was some porridge and half a satsuma. Then I was playing with the doggy trying to let him back in the warm..

7.20am nap time!! I had a sleep until 8.30 today

After my nap Mummy got me all washed and dressed and gave me a snack and a drink 

9.30am we left for teddies which is a music class I love going too!

11am We got home from the music class and I had a little play while Mummy prepared my lunch. Today I had leftover pasta from Mummy’s dinner and an Ella’s fruit smoothie 

12.40pm nap time! Today’s nap was very unusual. I slept until 2 (I woke up once before but went straight back) Then at 2 I woke up hysterically crying Mummy came rushing in and for half hour I just wanted to cry even though Mummy was holding me. I then fell back to sleep at half 2 until 3.45pm!!!

4.15pm Time for a walk. Mummy finally put my cosy toes on!!

When we got home from our walk Daddy was home so I did some playing with Daddy and Mummy did my dinner

5.30pm Dinner time! Today was chicken casserole and a yoghurt for pudding. I ate it all!

6.15pm Bathtime!!

7pm I finally go to sleep

Thank you for reading my 3 day diary I hope you enjoyed reading all about my fun 3 days! 

Spencer x 

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6 thoughts on “Spencer’s Diary…

  1. aww what a cutie! bless him. and your dog is super cute too! 3am wake up time…not so cute!! I feel your pain! we were up form 1 ti 4 last night with our three year old boy. he was just faffing about wanting cuddles and his pull ups changing. yawn!
    thanks for joining #KCACOLS! Hope you can come back next week : ) x


  2. Lovely diary of your 3 days! Love the idea of doing it from his perspective! It was fun to read! Your baby is gorgeous! Love your dog! He is super cute! 😉 You have a lovely house! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It is great to have you! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this little diary, how cute! Great pictures too. I dread to think what my toddler’s diary would look like, I think it would be three days of “I asked for chocolate. I didn’t get chocolate. I had a strop” haha! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday x


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