Spencer’s 10 month review…

Apologies for my lack of blogging recently. I would love to have a good reason for it but in all honesty I really haven’t! I have just loved spending every minute with Spencer lately. He really has come on leaps and bounds and it feels as though every day there is a new trick!! I promise to get back on the blog wagon now!!

I thought I would write about Spencer’s 9 month review he had today. I didn’t even know this was a thing until I received the letter along with a big questionnaire asking me to book his appointment and fill out this questionnaire prior. I would like to think I’m not the only one who didn’t know they had such a thing! So I thought for anyone else who doesn’t know what to expect here is how it went.

Firstly, I filled in the questionnaire I was sent. Actually no, it wasn’t that simple. I filled this in when I received it (5th Oct) thinking I would get an appt within that week. When I called to book the appt the earliest date available was the 17th Nov! So I had to go through it again this morning and re do it as there is so much Spencer can now do that he couldn’t just 4 weeks ago!! Just so you know I have listed just a few of the questions so you get an idea:

Gross motor skills:

Can he stand while holding onto furniture

Can he lower himself while holding on to furniture 

Fine motor:

Can he pick up a toy with one hand

Does he pick up a piece of string with finger and thumb 

Can he put a toy down without dropping it 

Problem solving:

Pass a toy from one hand to the other

Can he bang a toy against the table

Does he find something hidden under a piece of cloth

Personal social:

Does he put his foot in mouth when on his back

Can he drink from a cup when you hold it

Does he feed himself finger foods


Does he use both hands and legs equally 

Are his feet flat when standing 

Any concerns about hearing or eyesight

So off we went to our appointment with red book and questionnaire in hand. When we first got there Spencer sat on my lap for a few questions. This lasted all of about 3 minutes before he was distracted by the little play area they had in the middle of the hall and off he went crawling over to play. The health care professional was watching him crawling over and playing with a little toy train they had and couldn’t quite believe the confidence he had to just leave me and go play alone with a few bigger kids. The questions were mainly going over the questionnaire and at the end it gets scored up. Spencer scored well over what they would have expected of a child his age so I was super happy! She was then watching as Spencer was pulling himself up on the chairs and walking from chair to chair.. she did pre warn me from looking at that walking isn’t very far away!!! (Uh oh!!). Other things discussed was Spencer’s diet, his weight (they would normally weigh him but I had just weighed him that morning), how many teeth he has and if we’re brushing them, Spencer’s sleep pattern and also house safety. This was just a few questions of things I have had to change/add/remove from the house to accommodate for Spencer’s safety. Lastly, we discussed when Spencer’s next review would be and when his next jabs will be. 

The whole experience was lovely to hear a health professional say how extremely proud of Spencer’s development she was and how handsome my little boy was too 😉 she was very complimentary towards the both of us and how far we have come. I left the baby clinic with a huge sense of achievement and feeling super proud of my tiny bundle of joy that is the gorgeous Spencer!

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