My new POA…

Everyone says it ‘Being a Mum is hard work’ … I slightly disagree with this term. I mean, being a Mum IS hard work but not because of the Mum duties. 

Let me explain…

Personally, I think finding time is made more difficult when you become a Mum and THIS is what is hard work. There never is enough minutes in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month. Before having Spencer I always thought there was never enough time now there really isn’t enough time! I used to work long hours leaving the house at 7am getting home at 6/6.30pm Monday-Friday. This meant by the time I was home I was tired, I did dinner I cleared away dinner and I had maybe 2 hours to chill in the evening before bed was calling me. I know…I had 2 hours to ‘chill’ yet I thought there wasn’t ever enough time in the day! Weekends would then consist of Saturday mostly catching up on washing, housework, food shopping all those chores that get left during the week and Sunday was my day.. My day!!

And then come Spencer. Now I understand what it is to not have enough time or enough hands for that matter! I can’t believe I used to have a whole entire ME day and I used to get 2 hours each day to relax and I thought that was hard work!!

Yes, Mum duties are sometimes very difficult there’s always that odd day where by 9am you were wishing it was bed time. There’s always the teething phases, the baby has a cold and is extra needy phase (Spencer at the moment), it is hard work of course it is. But I enjoy the challenge with Spencer I like that I can give him my 100% attention on days like that I love being a Mum it is the best feeling ever! 

The ‘hard work’ part for me comes in with everyday life. When giving Spencer that attention he needs everyday chores are being left and pilling up, I am exhausted as Iv been up since 4.30am singing nursery rhymes so once he goes to bed I also want my bed! The difficult part of being a Mum for me is the constant overwhelmed feeling. The feeling that there is ALWAYS something to do there is never a clear ‘to do list’. Take right now for instance… it is 7pm and Spencer is in bed (he has been the past hour) all I have done is cooked dinner and now sat blogging feeling ready for bed. I know there is washing that needs to go on, an empty fridge that needs re-filling, bathrooms that need cleaning, my nails have been naked for weeks, my hair needs washing… really the list goes on but I just cannot find the energy in me to do it!!! Yes it doesn’t help Spencer and I are both poorly with a horrid cold so he has been super needy and required my full attention lately. 

So here is my new POA. I have signed up to Results with Lucy again a fitness programme I used to love but funny enough ran out of time for lately. I have lots of healthy eating cook books to start planning some healthy hearty meals. I have a to do list but it is not going to run my life anymore and make me feel like I am running 1000mph and getting nowhere. The point of the fitness and healthy eating again is to hopefully give me an energy boost I need. This in turn will then motivate me to get doing a few little chores while Spencer naps instead of being a couch potato and then at the end of the day feeling extra overwhelmed with things that need doing. I am a Mummy on a mission and my mission is to STOP letting my mind run 1000mph worrying over the things that actually are not as important as I think they are. Things will get done but at a pace I am happy with. For the meantime, I am going to concentrate on the one thing I love more than anything and that is being the best Mummy I can be to Spencer… oh and to get fit and healthy again!! šŸ˜‰ 

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


9 thoughts on “My new POA…

  1. It is hard finding time for yourself, and yes that to do list is always never ending! I too am trying to focus on eating better and exercising more to give me a boost and also a bit of me time!


  2. I think we all wonder what we must have done with our free time before children came along. I must have had loads but didn’t appreciate it! #KCACOLS


  3. I’m so with you! There are never enough hours in the day! I really need to start exercising again and eating healthy too.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x


  4. I include the tiny amount of work I do as free time. Seems like it to me as it’s just me. Makes me appreciate coming home to the kids more. Thanks for the post #kcacols


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