Spencer’s Christmas shoot…

So I am a HUGE Christmas fan. One of those really annoying ones who gets excited when all the signs start popping up! The Costa Christmas drinks, I’m a celebrity starts, The Coca-Cola advert, Christmas songs in the shops, The cold weather, Supermarket Christmas adverts… they all give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside!! Although it is hard I always try to wait until after my birthday before I start celebrating Christmas as it is exactly a month before!

This year however, there have been just a few little exceptions. I have gone a little OTT on the Costa Christmas drinks, I may have bought a few new Christmas decs and I have even started Christmas shopping! But the biggest of all… Spencer had his first Christmas photoshoot! I have gone all cheesy parent style and ordered Christmas cards with my beautiful sons face slapped on the front dressed as a reindeer!! After-all, it is Spencer’s first ever Christmas! A good enough excuse I think! 

The photoshoot went really well and I couldn’t be happier with the photos! We started off in a Christmas themed studio (see below) but as anyone with a 10 month old knows.. trying to keep them in a confined space is easier said than done! 

Spencer wasn’t best pleased in here so we moved on outside.. the best thing we could have ever done!! Spencer completely come alive and just loved being outside showing off. I have attached some pics from the shoot… it is so difficult to choose from 60 so sorry if I have got a little carried away here… 

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