Spencer’s nursery…

When it come to decorating Spencer’s nursery during my pregnancy, I must confess, I was a little bit of a crazy control freak about the whole thing! Having spent 2 years studying Interior Design and then working for an interior design company for 8 years it was always going to be something I wanted to make just perfect! As I was due in January I wanted to ensure I had the nursery all ready and finalised by Christmas. – Thank god I did as Spencer was 2 weeks early!!  

However, I must also confess, I got very ‘caught up’ in the whole thing and realise now Spencer is here there was a lot of unnecessary ‘pretty’ bits I could have done without. For example, the matching cot duvet/pillow case… no baby uses these for the first year anyway! In fact, even the cot itself wasn’t something that I needed for at least 6 months after Spencer was born.. but I HAD to have it in order for the furniture to all ‘match’.


Although I did go a little over board with ensuring everything ‘matched’ and looked ‘pretty’, there are also items I bought which in my opinion are essential and I am very thankful I got them!


For example, the nursing chair. Since Spencer has been sleeping in his own room we sit in the chair every evening for a last cuddle of the day and a bottle before bedtime… it is one of the best parts of the day! 


The Gro Egg. I love being able to see the temperature in Spencer’s room it really puts my mind at ease and this is super easy to do so!


Lastly, and in my opinion most importantly, Blackout blinds. I am so so so glad we took the time and bought proper fitted blackout blinds for Spencer’s room. Especially as you all know, babies are lucky enough to get naps in during the day!! (I know, totally jealous!!) With these blinds it means during those sunny summer days I can put Spencer down for a nap and completely darken the room. Another reason which sold it to me is lie ins!! All us parents want/need sometimes is a little lie in! Anything I can get to maybe help with this I am in!!! At least with the blinds I can rule out sunlight as being a reason for Spencer to wake so early. Thankfully, there are companies like VELUX which make these not only affordable but super easy to get. You also know these blinds will fit perfectly ensuring very minimal light creeping in and waking bubba!! I am so confident blackout blinds are one of the top items I have ever got since having Spencer (and there’s a lot of gadgets/items we have bought).


So there you have it, my top picks when decorating a nursery.  


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