All the toys in the world…

Don’t get me wrong, Spencer really does love his toys! He should do, he’s got enough for a whole school worth of children!! Lucky boy. He has everything from his favourite walker to building blocks, instruments, nearly every Vtech car, animal, track there is, balls, teddies the lot… and this is just at home! What he has round Nanny’s is a whole other story! Ball pits and everything there! 

However, like every child he is very easily distracted by things he shouldn’t be! I decided to put a list together of just some of the items Spencer likes to mistake for toys! 

The hoover

Spencer knows exactly which cupboard this is kept in now and will go straight over to it trying to open the cupboard to get to the hoover. If the cupboard is opened the excitement as he crawls over as fast as he can to get to the hoover with his little arms flapping on the way is an absolute picture! 


It doesn’t matter who’s phone it could be a total stranger but if he’s spotted your phone he is coming for it!! He even knows how to press the home button on an iPhone instantly.


I have mentioned this in a previous post but Spencer loves an wires/cables he can see!! He goes crawling over giggling to himself as he knows he shouldn’t be doing what he is about too!!

Dog lead 

As strange as it is this is another one Spencer knows where it is kept. He is obsessed with the dog lead! So much so we have a spare ‘Spencer’ one for him to hold usually while we are out walking the dog!

Dog food/Water

Yet another one Spencer knows where to find. If he is in a mischievous mood he will sprint his way into the kitchen and go straight for the dogs water bowl or if it is down the food too!!

The dog

Not only does he love all of Archie’s toys, lead and food/water, he will try playing with him too! Something I think the dog secretly likes!


There is nothing more fun for Spencer than opening any cupboard which doesn’t have a lock on it, emptying the contents then trying to climb in! 


Yup, he even goes for Daddy’s toys too! Spencer is very clever with this one and goes over to the Xbox hits the power button straight away and then looks up at the tv waiting for it to turn on!!

Tv remotes

These cannot be left around Spencer. He loves changing settings or for some reason launching the remotes around like they are balls!

Door stops

There is nothing more fun that hearing that noise and the door stop pings back as you grab it!

Baby wipes

If Spencer can get his hands on a packet of wipes he will find great pleasure in emptying out the entire contents! 

Christmas decorations 

Although this is a temporary one and I am extremely lucky that so far the tree has stayed intact, Spencer has found a decoration he is fond of. I bought this cute little fireplace I was so excited about which has already had to go away. Spencer would climb up to it pick the stockings off and attempt to eat them!! 

Anyway, my list really could go on. What other weird and wonderful things do your children like to mistake for toys?

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4 thoughts on “All the toys in the world…

  1. haha this makes me chuckle because my son was the same when slightly younger. he was obsessed with this duck door stop we had. and he loved to pop the xbox on aswell! and hoovers – even now the boy loves the hoover. he also likes the steam vax mop and he can push it around himself now – win win I say! #KCACOLS


  2. What is it with the Hoover! My kids won’t leave it alone! I’m hoping when they’re bigger the will still be fascinated enough to use it! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday X


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