Things new Mums should know…

I can’t believe it! I have survived the first year of life with a baby!! (Well with 3 weeks to go!) There has been many days during this year I really didn’t think I would ever make it. You have midwives and medical staff even friends and family around all giving advice about getting you through your pregnancy and childbirth which is great… but then the hardest part begins (baby arrives) and suddenly sometimes you are left in the dark with no idea! At least that was me. Of course, people tell you things like “I hope you’re ready to lose your sleep” “You should really buy this for baby” “Don’t let baby co-sleep” basically lots of don’t do this and don’t so that’s! 

Although Spencer was planned and we were feeling ‘ready’ for a baby, I still worried my knowledge of being a Mum wasn’t the best. I hadn’t really had any experience with babies. The more I read about things I needed for him, things I should do etc the more I felt so overwhelmed!… How am I ever going to remember all of this!? Truth is, maternity instinct truly is amazing! Once Spencer arrived so did every little maternal instinct in me and I just did it! Don’t get me wrong, I was and still am totally winging it but then aren’t we all!?

Anyway, with all this in mind, I decided to put together a short list of things nobody told me about having a baby…

Firstly, how crazy your emotions can be! You can feel anger, cry tears of sadness and tears of pure pride and happiness all within a space of like an hour!!

Secondly, you won’t adore your baby every second of every day. It sounds bad, but you won’t. There will be days where you haven’t slept all night and day and all you want more than ever is for baby to just sleep and all he wants is to just cry.. just because!

Thirdly, with the above in mind. You will miss him when he does finally sleep! (But secretly love the break too!)

(Why did I start this firstly, secondly business) Next… You will hardly ever have alone time again. You will even have moments being sat on the toilet with baby on your lap!… Trust me, you will!!

With this in mind… That feeling of unfairness. You will have days where you feel as though you’ve pulled the short straw and possibly hate your partner for it sometimes! ‘oh you managed to wee alone AND eat lunch today!!’ But then once they start playing with baby you want to burst with pride and how cute they look together! 

You will miss your ‘old life’ at times. Oh the days I had a Sunday duvet day and went out whenever I wanted… but look so forward to what your new life has to offer! 

You will feel like you’ve gone mad. You will feel like all you know is baby. You’ve had a day talking baby all day, not left the house and you’ve gone mad and completely lost who you are as a person. 

OPINIONS.. Everyone will have an opinion and you WILL get comments.. why has he not got this, why are you holding him like that, that will get you into bad habits.. Nobody warns you just how opinionated people really are.. even total strangers!!

Lastly, sleep deprivation. EVERYONE does tell you about this. But nobody tells you just how horrid it can make you feel. No one tells you you really would give your right arm to sleep just for a night sometimes and how stir crazy it can make you. 

However, you will NEVER have felt love like it. You will want to squeeze your little bundle of joy (and sometimes bundle of pure devil) until they explode! You just can’t imagine this amazing warm fuzzy feeling inside until you become a Mummy. 

One thing everyone does tell you is how much easier it gets, how worth it it all is, how in a few years (even months) time you will forget all the bad stuff, all the fun times you have to come as a family, how proud you feel everyday and how you really will know what sleep is again soon!! A year later and I can finally start believing these words and seeing them for myself. Baby stage is officially over and although I miss my tiny little cuddly baby I am loving my fun cheeky little boy who is appearing!!

So, hang in there Mummy’s! You got this!! With a little help from a glass of vino every now and then (or every night) you will get through! 

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


7 thoughts on “Things new Mums should know…

  1. The opinions are definitely the worst – and everyone always feels the need to share them with you! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday


  2. Wine will always get me through:) It is the biggest change I think that anyone can go through, the most amazing wild journey is the one of a mum or dad. Thanks so much for being part of the christmas linky #mainyloveschristmas. I’m going to pin this too:)

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  3. I hate that every one has an opinion on Parenting. Every single person you meet. I would add in the silly comments with that too. Like oh look how they’ve grown…well it’s what babies do! Or most recently when I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen for years she exclaimed at how vig/grown up my daughter looks. She hasn’t seen her since she was 3 she is now 10! Funny thing with kids they grow! What is that about stating the obvious? #kcacols

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  4. Next month my baby girl turns 1 and this past year really has been an eye opener! I used to love my 8-9 hours sleep a day. Now I have learnt to survive on 5/6. I wouldnt change my life now for anything but man it’s tough being a parent! Great post! xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday


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