Our first (not to plan) Christmas…

It all started Christmas Eve Eve (23rd Dec). I was super excited for our first family Christmas together. Lots of nice food, visiting lots of family, quality time together, Spencer’s face when he sees how spoilt he has been…

So why didn’t this all go to plan!? Well, I woke up at 10pm on 23rd December to a weird sound over the baby monitor followed by a loud scream. I immediately ran into the nursery to find myself walking into what can only be described as a crime scene! Sick everywhere!!! How much sick from one little body!? So I changed all the bed sheets and Spencer’s clothes (with the help from Daddy) calmed Spencer down with a drink etc and got him back to sleep. An hour later… the same thing all over again!… An hour later… the same thing again! And on it went all night. (See the amount of washing come morning!!)

Come Christmas Eve Spencer did lots of sleeping and lots of lovely diarrhoea nappies for me too! (Soz tmi!)- More washing! However, he did seem a little perkier in himself which was good. We had a lovely day in between Spencer sleeping lots and he loved his Christmas Eve sack from him Auntie!!!

Christmas morning was lovely. The 3 of us at home. I made Spencer a special Christmas breakfast – which he didn’t touch! We opened some presents, Spencer played in his new tunnel and we got ready for our day of visiting family.

Firstly we went to Spencer’s Grandads and he spent an hour being spoilt playing with new toys. Next we went to Spencer’s Nanny’s where we were having our Christmas dinner. Spencer was again playing with his new toys before we all sat down including Spencer for our Christmas dinner which was delicious! (Thanks Mum!). Here is where it all went Pete tong!…

After lunch I started to feel a little queasy, we packed up and got ready to go to see Spencer’s other Grandparents. Just as we were leaving I was sick!!! I couldn’t believe it, I must have caught Spencer’s bug (which he still had!). Anyway, Spencer hadn’t slept so I decided to walk round to the Grandparents and meet Daddy there in order for Spencer to sleep. Once I got there I spent most of the time with my head down the loo!! We decided to cut it short and get home, Spencer still wasn’t feeling great either. 

That evening, Daddy caught the bug! Brilliant!!! The 3 of us all extremely ill Christmas night! It got so bad through the night we had to call the grandparents in to come and collect Spencer as we were just so unable to care for him as well as we should. 

Boxing Day was a complete right off for us all. My mum collected Spencer and bought him home and kindly stayed over on the sofa to be there for Spencer. Thankfully Spencer slept fairly well that night but now the dog has caught it too!!! So poor Nanny was up and down all night letting the dog in the garden for us!!

What a tragic first Christmas we had for Spencer! Thankfully he won’t remember this one and from now on we will be in quarantine the week leading up to Christmas!!! Unfortunately due to our visits Christmas Day the whole family now have the bug! Both sets of Grandparents, Aunties everyone! Spencer is still very poorly so we are getting lots of Christmassy cuddles in on the sofa for now. 

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