My letter to Spencer…

2016 – The best year of my 27 years of life so far. In fact, it would take a hell of a lot to ever top 2016. 

On 11th January 2016 at 4.15pm my beautiful son entered the world weighing a teeny 5lb 4oz. At that very minute my life changed forever…

Dear Spencer,

Firstly I have to start this letter by thanking you. Thank you for being you. You really have shown me the true meaning of “happiness”. 

From the moment you arrived in this world… which by the way was 2 weeks earlier than we were expecting! You have just been perfect. 

Actually, that isn’t entirely true. Your first few months of life you weren’t the most content of babies. However, once we found you a cranial osteopath (who we all called ‘the wizard’) you were nearly there to perfect. The slight imperfection being this thing called sleep… a year on and your still not sleeping through the night or napping as well as you should! In fact, while writing this letter (9pm on 12th Dec 2016) I have had to go into your room to calm you down 3 times!… you’ve only been in bed 3 hours! I can’t wait to see if you ever did get to sleeping through the night.. oh how I hope you did! 

Anyway, bad sleeping habits aside… you have SO many amazing traits about you. You’re just the most gorgeous little blonde haired boy who nearly always gets someone’s attention wherever we may be. You have the most contagious smile which you’re always showing off! In fact, I often get compliments on just how much of “a happy baby he is”. You have the cheekiest of little laughs! Although you don’t actually say any words yet you’re always babbling on in your own language! You really are starting to show off the most amazing happy cheeky mischievous (oh so mischievous) little personality. 

I am so so lucky and privileged to have been able to spend nearly every day of your first year with you. We have got up to so much in a year! He’s a few things we’ve done so far:

We’ve been on holiday to Spain 

Swimming lessons (you’re such a water baby)

Music class – You absolutely love your music and will start dancing the second you hear music

Photoshoots – We had one when you were a few months old and another for Christmas 

Parties (you already have lots of friends)

Soft plays and parks galore! You love being let loose around a soft play 

Looking back, very rarely does a day go by where you haven’t been out somewhere! 

I have so much to thank you for but most importantly thank you for making me the happiest proudest Mummy ever. I really didn’t know it was possible to love someone so unconditionally and have such an amazingly strong bond. Sometimes I look at you and just think wow I made that! That little human being is all mine and my heart melts a little more every time I look at you. You’re growing up so fast I almost wish I could freeze time and just enjoy every minute with you in a slow motion pace. The only thing growing faster than you is my love for you. Every day my love grows a little more and every day I think it isn’t possible to love you anymore than I already do!! 

Thank you Spencer James Hopkins my beautiful blonde haired blue eyed boy for our first year together. Thank you for the most amazing memories and I can’t wait for what else we have in store! I have no doubt there will be more challenges, good times and most probably bad days ahead but just know Spencer, Mummy is always here no matter what. Just like Mummy, Nanny & Auntie Nicole tell eachother “Ain’t no mountain high enough” 

Love you always

Mummy xxx

3 thoughts on “My letter to Spencer…

  1. Oh this is such a beautiful letter and celebration of you as a mummy and your little boy, I wish I had been blogging when my son was this little! I have so many wonderful memories which are fading and this is such a lovely keepsake for you xx #KCACOLS


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